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3 Reasons to Buy a Ford Custom

Ford Custom Van
August 15th, 2022

Ford transit custom vans are renowned for their tough, functional reliability and thoughtful craftsmanship. 

As one of the most versatile vans currently on sale, it is no surprise that the ford custom is one of the most popular vans in the commercial vehicle industry. 

Here are the top three reasons why you need a Ford Custom.

  1. Loadspace         

The Ford Custom was crafted with space at the forefront of design, so you can be assured that you have enough room to suit any journey.

The van offers the maximum 8.3 cubic metres, equivalent to three Euro pallets, making it suitable for all your equipment and heavy loads.

2. Geofencing Technology

As the issue of global warming is becoming increasingly pressing, vehicle manufacturers are being put under more pressure to adopt eco-friendly practices in their work.

One huge benefit of Ford Custom vans is that they use geofencing technology to reduce their impact on the environment. 

The Transit Custom can detect when it enters a congestion zone or low-emission zone, and then automatically switches to electric-only drive mode. Users can also create custom “green zones” to reduce emissions near schools, in urban areas and in warehouses. 

When you purchase a Ford Custom, you are not only investing in a durable, high-quality vehicle, but you are also investing in our planet.

3. Active Park Assist

If you are looking for a vehicle to assist you in your commercial deliveries, look no further than the Ford Custom. 

Stopping for a delivery on a busy street is often difficult, especially with an enclosed rear load space and limited visibility. Spending time trying to navigate in tricky spaces can create delays for the company, and reduce productivity levels.

The Ford Custom has overcome this issue with its active park assist feature. 

Active Park Assist can identify suitable spaces, and then safely steer your Transit Custom in. You only need to control the brakes and gears. Once your work is done, Active Park Assist can even steer you back out of parallel spaces too.

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