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Is An Electric Van Right For You?

Drive into a Greener Future

The choice between diesel and electric vans has become a critical decision for commercial businesses. Both options offer unique advantages and challenges, making it important to weigh the factors that impact leasing vans for business.

Continue reading to explore the most common questions surrounding electric vehicles to see whether it’s the right move for you and your business!

Introduction to Electric Vans

The impending ban on diesel and petrol vans in 2035, coupled with the expansion of clean air zones across the UK, has spurred a growing interest in electric vehicles (EVs) among consumers. This shift has led manufacturers to diversify their EV offerings, reflecting a broader trend in the automotive industry. Businesses are reevaluating their fleet choices to align with sustainability goals as environmental concerns take centre stage.

One of the primary driving factors behind the surge in electric van sales is the significant cost savings they can offer over their traditional combustion engine counterparts. Lower maintenance costs, coupled with increasingly competitive prices for electric vans, make them an attractive investment for businesses across various sectors. Additionally, businesses can capitalise on the government grants and incentives available, encouraging more businesses to make the switch.


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Range and Battery Technology

The most common concern with electric vehicles in general is their range capabilities and accessibility to charging points when on the road. Range anxiety, once a significant concern for EV owners, has been alleviated with advancements in battery technology and the expansion of charging infrastructure.

Lithium-Ion batteries, the most common type used in electric vehicles, boast higher energy-to-weight ratios and low self-discharge levels, resulting in better energy storage and longer-lasting charge, meaning you get more out of a single journey. Additionally, innovations such as cell balancers now allow for targeted repairs, opposed to entire cell replacement, increasing cost efficiency, and extending the lifespan of batteries.

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Charging Infrastructure:

Access to a reliable and widespread charging network is crucial for electric van fleets to minimise downtime and ensure efficient operations.

Rapid charging facilities enable quick turnarounds, enhancing productivity, while strategic route planning helps mitigate range anxiety and maximise vehicle utilisation. A robust charging infrastructure fosters confidence among businesses looking to transition to electric fleets, aligning with environmental goals, driving innovation towards a greener future.

In Zapmap’s EV charging statistics 2024, the end of January saw a total of 55,301 charging points across the UK which is a 46% increase since January 2023.

Government Incentives and Grants

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Despite higher upfront costs of EVs in comparison to your combustion engine counterparts, the long-term savings from reduced fuel and maintenance expenses make EVs financially appealing for businesses. The UK Government’s grant on low-emission and electric vehicles can significantly offset initial purchase costs for eligible vehicles, making the transition to electric fleets more accessible and cost-effective.

  • Small Vans – 35% of the purchase (maximum contribution of £2,500) for small vans with a gross weight of less than 2500kg and produce less than 50g per km of CO2 emissions. The vehicle must also be able to travel at least 60 miles without producing any emissions.
  • Large Vans – 35% of the purchase price (maximum contribution of £5,000) for large vans with a gross weight between 2500-4250kg and produce les than 50g per km of CO2 emissions. The vehicle must also be able to travel at least 60 miles without producing any emissions.

Additional grants such as the Electric Vehicles Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) or the On-street Residential ChargePoint Scheme (ORCS) may assist individuals and businesses with residential and commercial charging points.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Electric vans play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. While not entirely carbon-neutral due to manufacturing processes, electric vans offer zero-exhaust emissions during operation, contributing to a significant reduction in a business’s overall carbon footprint.

Governmental departments and local institutions are taking a favourable approach to sustainability to mitigate their environmental impact and to combat climate change. International frameworks are providing the necessary guidance to reduce the effect of global warming from emission-based contributions, highlighting the importance of transitioning to cleaner transport solutions. The International Council on Clean Transportation has estimated that electric vans could reduce greenhouse gases by up to 90% in comparison to conventional combustion engines.

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Vanaways – Your Electric Van Expert

Choosing electric vans not only aligns with environmental responsibility but also reflects a commitment to meeting consumer demand for sustainable products and services. At Vanaways, we specialise in assisting businesses with acquiring electric vans tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a hassle-free transition to sustainable transportation solutions.

Our expertise and personalised approach help businesses navigate the complexities of electric vehicle adoption, assessing whether it’s right for your business needs, enabling you to reap the benefits of lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact. Contact us for further information and a free no obligation quote!

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