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Electric Van Running & Service Costs

An electric van could be the perfect opportunity to cut business costs. If you need a van to keep your business moving or to transport goods around, it’s important to take the running costs of your vehicle into consideration. Especially as they’ll likely make up a large portion of your monthly outgoings.

Running Costs

When you own an electric van, you’ll never pay hefty petrol station prices. In fact, charging an electric van overnight is estimated to cost £1.50 to fully charge a flat battery. Whereas, you’d need to spend £15 on diesel to cover 100 miles. Switching to an electric van could reduce your vehicle running costs. Thus, saving you money and reducing your outgoings each month.

Also, if you’re registered as a company, you may be able to write off some of your household energy bills against VAT. This is because the energy you use to charge your electric van is a legitimate business cost. This will again keep running costs low and save you some pennies.

Service Costs

Electric vans are cheaper to maintain than diesel vans. This is because they have fewer moving parts. The engines are less prone to wear and tear, there are no pistons pumping up and down, no manual clutch to wear out and no oil to change. As a result, you can expect the servicing costs for electric vans to be cheaper. The motor in an electric van is used to recover energy each time you let up the accelerator, resulting in longer-lasting brake pads and discs.


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