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Van Accessories Through Vanaways

New van accessories serve multiple purposes and functions aside from just looking ‘aesthetically pleasing’. Having additional accessories fitted to your brand-new van can help to enhance its practicality, security, and functionality.

Aftermarket accessories are a great way to tailor your vehicle to suit your individual needs, however if you require a van to fit a specific purpose then you should consider a van conversion for total flexibility and ease to better suit your business operations.

Due to our widespread network across the UK we can source and supply any van accessories prior or post delivery of the vehicle, leaving you with your desired furnished van hassle-free.

Read the below guide on all things related to van accessories, check out our latest van deals and get in touch to see how we can get you into the van of your dreams!

Signwriting and Livery

Your commercial vehicle serves not only as a practical tool for your enterprise but also as its public face. It’s the means through which customers identify you and distinguish your services while on the move, making it a crucial advertising asset. You aim for your van to not just facilitate tasks but also to embody your business ethos. Signwriting serves as a powerful tool for brand visibility creating the ability to reach a wide audience while on the move; effectively turning every journey into a marketing opportunity.

Here at Vanaways we are able to offer signwriting to our customers prior or post delivery of your new vehicle. The most common forms of livery you can have on your vans are:

  • Full Vehicle Wraps.
  • Partial Vehicle Wraps.
  • Vinyl Lettering and Decals.
  • Magnetic Signs.
  • Reflective Livery.
  • Chapter 8 Markings.

By selecting the appropriate type of livery based on your branding needs, budget, and operational requirements, businesses can effectively leverage their commercial vans as mobile advertising platforms.

Prices start from just £346.92 for a FULL vehicle wrap! 

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Interior Liners

Interior liners are great van accessories as they protect the interior of your new van, avoiding the subsequent damaged accrued via the loading/unloading and transport of goods and materials; whilst increasing cargo stability all together. Most commonly it is divided into 3 sections – wall, ceiling, and door liner; all provide added protection to the interior of the vehicle, but additionally creates a thermal barrier to mitigate extreme weather conditions and safeguards windows to avoid potential damage during transit.

Ply lining

Ply lining is a type of interior lining using a plywood material, that comes in a variety of thickness starting at 5.5mm – 12mm. Due to its shape and structure installation can be more difficult, however one of its great benefits is that it acts as a great moisture barrier.  It is an essential lining for most businesses, as it is the most cost-effective form of van liner on the market.

Rubber Lining

Rubber lining is a popular form of van lining amongst tradespeople as it offers anti-slip properties, combined with enhanced durability. One of its advantages is that it’s waterproof and an easy-to-clean surface, however once wet it can become slippery which may oppose problems upon loading/unloading goods and materials. The cost of rubber van lining is subject to quality of the material, desired texture, and installation complexity; with this in mind, it can be a more costly option in comparison to other available liners.

Carpet Lining

Carpet lining is another form of liner that provides excellent insulation, comfort, noise reduction and additional padding for the transport of fragile goods. Favourably, carpet liner acts as a great shock absorber, however it can be difficult and tedious to clean. Similar to rubber lining, carpeted liner is typically more expensive, and the cost depends on the style/thickness of the carpet, the area of the space, and installation difficulty.

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Spray-In Liner

Spray on lining is most commonly seen in pick up vehicles, which generally comes as a standard option upon purchase. The Polyurethane based protective coating makes it non-slip and easy to clean, providing an extra layer of protection to load beds; reducing the risk of corrosion from water and metal components. This PE liner comes in a variety of colour choices giving the owner total control over personalisation.

Poly Lining 

Poly van lining is a versatile liner due to its durability, increased strength and damp proofing properties making it a popular choice for liner installations across multiple industries. Poly lining is made of Polypropylene, which is a low density, robust thermoplastic which possesses light-weight properties to maximise the payload of your vehicle. Furthermore, Polylining excels when it comes to hygiene as it doesn’t absorb or retain bacteria, making it ideal for pharmaceutical transportation, emergency services and health care logistics.

Roof Racks

Roof racks are versatile van accessories that serve several benefits such as increased internal cargo space, enhanced functionality, additional storage options, and supplementary loading options. There are multiple roof rack options that have been designed with the end user in mind to enhance practicality:


Roof Bars – This is the ‘standard’ option for roof racks, individual bars (usually a set of two) that run across the top of your vehicle.

Modular Roof Racks – These roof racks feature more than two roof bars and are fashioned in a modular design to create a singular full-rack on your roof.

Roof Rack Rollers – Roof rack rollers are singular bars that have a ‘rolling’ mechanism which allows for the easy loading of long items such as ladders and planks from the rear of the vehicle. Most commonly, they are fitted as an addition to a roof rack rather than a standalone accessory.

Roof Rack Ladders – An additional accessory for roof racks/bars whereby a ladder is mounted to the rear of the vehicle to give you better access to the cargo secured on the roof racks, making it easier to load and unload goods.

Roof Rack Walkways/Crawler Boards – These types of roof accessories are attached to a full rack system, providing a stable platform for safe and easy roof access.

Pipe Tube/Carriers – Similar to your roof rack ladders, pipe carriers are an additional accessory that can be added to a roof rack which provides dedicated space to transporting pole, pipes, and plastic conduit.

Window Frails – Made from lightweight aluminium, these frails can be fitted to the side of your van to assist in the transportation of glass units and shop fronts. They can be fitted to a half or full-sized roof rack and are secured via a rubberised and spring pole system.


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Investing in additional locks as part of your new van ‘accessories’ enhances security to safeguard valuable cargo, deter potential theft, and to fortify entry points; acting as a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. We’ve listed below the most common and effective types of locks on the market to help you navigate the process of increasing van security!

Slam Locks
Slam locks are an important accessory to enhance the security of your van, acting as a deterrent to opportunistic thieves making it less vulnerable to theft. The automatic lock system takes effect when the doors are closed, eliminating the hassle of individually locking each door. In turn, slam locks offer the opportunity for the quick loading and unloading of goods and materials, whilst providing the driver peace of mind that the vehicle is secure.

Dead Locks
A deadlock serves as a robust mechanical security measure, operating via a key mechanism whereby a bolt is extended through the van’s bodywork to securely lock the vehicle. Deadlocks are tailored more towards cab doors which is the primary point of entry, opposed to the load area doors. Furthermore, It offers enhanced security and protection for van owners that are looking to further secure their vehicle.

Hook Locks

Hook locks are designed specifically to secure the side and rear doors of a van, which requires manual operation from the driver to unlock. This feature makes hook locks particularly suitable for individuals looking to secure the load space of their van when it’s parked. It encompasses a robust design meaning that even under extreme force, any attempts made to gain unauthorized entry to the van are highly improbable.



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Towbars are incredibly useful van accessories to have fitted to your van and are by far the most popular choice of accessory for multiple businesses. A towbar fosters the ability to create towing opportunities, equalling the total weight of your vehicle. This is especially important for businesses or individuals who need to transport heavy loads and additional cargo, providing a cost-effective solution.

Assessing which towbar is most suitable for your ‘towing needs’ can be difficult to navigate with so many variations on the market. Deciphering the right type of towbar for you will depend on the van you’re driving and what you’ll be towing.

Ball vs Ball and Pin

These are the main types of towbars that you will come across on the roads, both are fitted with a separate tow bar bracket subject to your van type. Ball towbars can support most of your recreational towing needs and are compatible with a large variety of vehicles.

Swan neck towbars are another type of ‘ball towbar’ which are less likely to trigger parking sensors due to their design, however they can be more expensive, and the tow ball height cannot be modified.

Ball and Pin hitches are designed more towards agricultural and industrial towing due to their structure and wider functional capabilities. They are compromised of both a tow ball and a pin which allows for the attachment and towing of plant sized trailers and tow ropes.



Types of Towbars for Vans


How do the electrics work? There are two different types of sockets when it comes to towbars either a 7-pin or 13-pin. The main differences between the two is that the 13-pin plug has more lighting functions which are essential when towing larger trailers, caravans or horseboxes; opposed to the 7-pin plug that only supports basic lighting functions such as indicators and brake lights which is the minimum standard for towing bike carriers/small trailers.

Vehicle Safety Solutions

The FHOSSField Pedestrian Detection Zone combines next-generation exclusion zone technology with advanced AI detection algorithms that pick up human silhouettes, to create a full coverage 24-hour pedestrian safety system.

“Where there is light there is life”

They have combined these technologies to bring this true turn-key solution to market, to provide both on-highway and off-highway vehicles with a single comprehensive pedestrian detection zone system.

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