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4 Essentials Every Van Driver Needs

jumper cables
April 22nd, 2022

Be it a particular gadget, useful mechanical appliance or driving utility, we all have our favourite items to be used within a vehicle. For tradesmen and individuals who require a large or small van for work, there are a number of essentials that should always be close to hand. Van Sales UK has a huge range of used, cheap new vans to buy, as well as leasable vehicles, with exclusive deals and offers available all year round. Ordering your next van couldn’t be more simple, with our streamlined process and home delivery options making for a simple and practical solution. 

Continue reading to discover several essential pieces of equipment for every van driver, to accompany a newly acquired vehicle from your friendly Luton van dealership.

Jumper Cables

Though none of us like to consider it, the idea of your vehicle requiring assistance from a set of jumper cables is a very real one. When a jump start to your vehicle is required, jumper cables are a necessity and should be kept in the spacious storage area of your van at all times. Safety procedures for connecting and disconnecting cables will likely be given in a vehicle’s manual, and should be consulted in the instance of accidental battery discharge.

First Aid Kit

The inclusion of a first aid kit within your vehicle should be a priority, with the means of helping an injured passenger or patching yourself up in the instance of a medical emergency. First aid kits will typically include plasters, bandages, and other commonly required medical supplies. Be careful of the medicine you include in a first aid kit, as some prescriptions may affect driving, Always consult a medical professional before driving under the effects of new medicine.

Warning Triangle

Warning triangles are compact and small, meaning that they can be easily stored within a small van or similar vehicle. The practical reflective surface of these devices means that they are easily spotted from distance, and should be used in the instance of a roadside accident or emergency. You should position a warning triangle at least 45 metres behind a stationary vehicle, allowing plenty of time for approaching drivers to assess the situation and respond accordingly.

Cleaning Products

Beyond the obvious benefits of giving you a presentable vehicle that can represent your business formally, keeping a clean and maintained van will improve the safety of the interior, stopping a buildup of germs and preventing items from obstructing pedals and components. Cleaning products to keep in mind are sponges, towels, cleaning sprays and polish.

Offering hundreds of cheap new vans to buy, in addition to quality used vehicles and electric models, there are a huge range of vans to choose from, all suiting practical needs. Part exchange and low rate finance can be taken advantage of right now, and nationwide UK delivery can be organised conveniently. Ordering your next van couldn’t be any simpler – and we aim to deliver all in-stock vans within 7 to 10 days. Searching for local Luton van dealers? Contact us now with any questions about small vans and used transit custom vehicles from Van Sales UK.


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