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4 Ways to Improve Your Electric Van Life Span

September 23rd, 2021

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and the electric van portion of this market is expanding. It’s important that you understand how to increase the longevity of your electric van from the offset so that you can make the most of your investment.

Here are 4 key ways to improve your electric van life.

1. ‘State of Charge’

Your smartphone will often notify you that it’s ‘sufficiently charged’ when it has reached 80% and the same is true of electric vans. Whilst pushing the batteries to full capacity will allow you to stay on the road longer, it strains your batteries over time. As does allowing your electric van batteries to drain all the way to 0%. Over a long period of time, your overall battery life will begin to decrease. To avoid this, try to charge your electric van more often and keep the charge below 80%.

2. Take Regular Short Drives

It’s important that you don’t allow your electric van to become stagnant. As with petrol and diesel cars, it’s very beneficial for the long-term health of your electric van to take it for regular, short drives. This keeps the batteries running smoothly rather than allowing them to go for days and even weeks of inactivity which will decrease its lifespan.

3. High Temperatures

Exposing your electric van to high temperatures when it’s parked can be really dangerous. An automated temperature control system will kick into gear and use the batteries to artificially keep your van at a lower temperature. This is a feature that should only be taken advantage of when you’re using the van because otherwise it only reduces the amount of battery you have available. Simply parking your van in the shade can increase your electric van life and will afford you more charge for each trip.

4. Don’t Use Fast Charging

It can be really tempting when you’re low on battery to opt for a fast charging solution. Whilst it’s true that your battery will charge much faster, it does this by pushing an extreme amount of current into the batteries. When this is done over a short period of time, your batteries will strain and the charge won’t last as long. If this is done repetitively over an 8-year period then your car battery can reduce its battery life by up to 10%!

If you’re unsure about what’s high for an electric van’s mileage, electric vans are now capable of going for 200 miles on one charge. To improve overall electric van life, ensure that you park in the shade, use the optimal state of charge, avoid using fast charging and do regular, short drives.

If you have any further questions about electric vans and their lifespans then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Van Sales UK by calling 0117 428 7721 today!


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