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5 Reasons Why the Ford Transit Van Has Stood the Test of Time

July 3rd, 2023

The Ford Transit Van is a best seller across the UK, even being called the ‘backbone of Britain’. With a lot of fierce competition in the industry, we are here to give you our top 5 reasons why the Ford Transit Van has stood the test of time.

Cargo Space

The generous payload of the Ford Transit is a brilliant advantage, and can be a real deciding factor when it comes to purchasing a commercial vehicle. If you’re someone working with heavy materials, and doing a lot of lifting, in and out of your van, having a substantial amount of cargo space might be essential to your day to day work.

Smooth & Easy To Drive

There might be some concern when it comes to vans and taking those sharp turns or tight corners, but the Ford Transit has got that covered. It’s well equipped to get through those tighter spaces, making it nice and easy for the driver.

Additionally, the smooth ride of the Transit van is something that has improved over the years. If you’re someone who is driving a lot during the working day, having a smooth ride is probably very important to you, and the Ford Transit accommodates this extremely well.

Engine & Fuel Economy

With a powerful engine and an excellent fuel economy, Ford has really perfected the engine when it comes to the Transit van. With low running costs too, the Transit seems to tick a lot of boxes for a sturdy and dependable vehicle.


On top of all the brilliant features and practical advantages of the Ford Transit, the affordable price is another great selling point.

Overall Reliable

Considering all of the specifications that the Ford Transit already has, being the ‘backbone of Britain’ alludes to the reliable and sturdy nature of this vehicle. This van is accommodating and can be used in a range of different industries day to day.

While the Transit is excellent for tradesmen and contractors, if you’re looking for something that’s better in smaller, busier streets, then the Ford Transit Connect could be just the van for you. Slightly more nimble than the standard Transit, the Connect is also a good contender.

Van Sales UK

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