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5 Reasons You Should Have a Dash Cam in Your Work Van

5 Reasons You Should Have a Dash Cam in Your Work Van
December 24th, 2022

In recent years the dash cam has become more and more popular. As technology increases so does the capability of these cameras and they are now widely used in a variety of sectors. The emergency services such as the police, fire service and ambulance all use dash cameras to ensure both their driver’s and the public’s safety. What’s more, it is now extremely common for most lorries and truck driving companies to fit a standard dash cam in their truck cabs for the same reasons..

So, the technology is clearly very capable and the cameras are now incredibly popular but why should you install a dash cam?

Accident Evidence

One of the most obvious reasons for installing a dash cam is to record evidence of any accident that occurs on the road. Unfortunately, it is just part of driving and as a tradesperson, you’ll likely cover a lot of miles getting to and from sites. Of course, once in a while, an accident may occur and more often than not it won’t be your fault. So, with a dash cam, you can provide video evidence to both the police and the courts to ensure you’re not blamed for any wrongdoing.

Stops wrongful tickets

There are occasions when you may have been wrongfully charged with a parking or driving fine. If this is the case, then a dash cam will be able to prove your innocence. The cameras have brilliant all-round vision and are recognised as a legitimate piece of evidence.

Prevents break-ins

It is an extremely common crime to find your vehicle broken into and unfortunately the criminals often escape and can never be brought to justice. In the trade industry this crime is even more common, as thieves target the vans for the tools and valuable equipment which is often left inside. A dash cam is one of the most efficient ways to ward off criminals as the camera will spot any attempt at a break in. So, you can rest assured that your kit and tools are safe.

Improves your driving

Another slightly unusual benefit of installing a dash cam is the improvement it will have on your own driving. When you watch some of your footage back, you may find that moments within your driving aren’t quite up to the standard you’d like. Therefore, a dash cam will help you recognise these moments and motivate you to improve.

Manages drivers

At times, you may lend your van to your colleagues or perhaps you have a small fleet of vans. If this is the case, you may want to keep track of your staff’s driving ability and ensure that they are looking after your vehicles. Installing a dash cam will ensure your staff drive with care and responsibility.

Whether you have a Transit van, a Sprinter, or any other van you can install a dash cam with relative ease. Here at Van Sales UK we can help, so contact us today and find out more!


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