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A Green Machine: How To Convert A Van To Electric

May 5th, 2023

Electric cars are the future of the motor industry, where they can provide a greener alternative to diesel and petrol engines. These older vehicles produce harmful greenhouse gas emissions when their fuel combusts, which is a key contributor to the international climate crisis. Now is the time therefore to invest in electric alternatives.

But today’s electric cars and vans are still relatively expensive to buy, which can limit who can benefit from their fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Fortunately there are alternatives to simply buying a new electric vehicle, where one option is to convert your pre-existing motor. This can be a cost effective option, where it can also prevent a much loved car from having to be sold on or scrapped.

It is important to remember that an electric vehicle should be re-registered before use and that you should update your insurance provider about the changes you have made to your motor.

Read on for a look at the different ways you can convert your electric vehicle, from employing professional help to doing it yourself.

Professional Vehicle Conversion

If mechanics isn’t your speciality, then the easiest way to get hold of a van conversion is to buy an already converted vehicle from a specialist company. This can be a pricey option, where these companies tend to convert much-loved classic cars, but it is also possible to convert a cheaper model through this process.

DIY Conversion Kits

For a more hands-on approach, it is possible to purchase a complete conversion kit to transform your vehicle into an electric model, where these often include the electric motor you need as well as cabling, inverters and converters. Naturally, this method is only recommended if you have experience in working with high voltage electrics, where there are numerous risk factors involved.

Re-Using Scrapped Parts

A further DIY option is to locate parts from a scrapped or disused electric van or car, where this can cut down on costs, and you can save time on your upgrade by not starting entirely from scratch with each separate part. It should be possible to locate a disused motor with parts that are likely to compliment your current vehicle, ensuring a smooth conversion process. Again, however, this requires a certain level of technical expertise.

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