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A Guide to Buying your First Electric Van

electric vehicle
March 2nd, 2022

With the changing state of the world, electric vehicles are now becoming more and more popular on our roads. With its countless benefits, electric vans are starting to play a pivotal role in the UK van market. This is because of concern surrounding environmental pollution, whereby businesses are adjusting how they operate and travel. As electric vans grow in popularity, companies are starting to introduce more of them.

When looking at purchasing your first electric van, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. As well as thinking about what size van is right for you, it’s important to consider its advantages and which manufacturer would be best for you. If you’re looking at new van deals, then Van Sales UK are the company for you. Stocking all of the popular manufacturers such as Mercedes and Volkswagen, we have got you covered.

So take a look at our guide to buying your first electric van!

Advantages of Electric Van

Considering that electric vans are now becoming more popular in the market, you might not be aware of just how many advantages it has! Here are just a few of its advantages:

  • Environmentally Friendly – This is perhaps the main selling point of the electric van, as they produce no CO2 and improve the air quality. They also emit fewer greenhouse gases and air pollutants than petrol or diesel vehicles.
  • Running Costs – Electric vans are cheaper to run than diesel alternatives. Not only does electricity costs much less than petrol or diesel, but the actual maintenance costs are lower too.
  • Added Incentives – Having an electric van actually offers its own benefits as well as being a smooth and eco-friendly drive. Incentives can include free parking in areas and exemption from London Congestion Charge. The government also offer a grant for low-emission vehicles which means that you can get a discount on the price of a brand new electric vehicle. Other grants such as workplace charges are also now available.
  • Silent and Smooth – Electric vans are quieter than diesel vans, meaning that your vehicle will be almost silent out on the roads. This is because the battery is much quieter, giving you a calmer driving experience.
  • Improves Company Image – Having an electric van helps to convey an image of your company that cares about the environment. Doing so can help brand image and potentially entice customers.
  • Better Driving Experience – Electric vans are not only more enjoyable to drive, but they are also easier. There’s no changing gear meaning that you simply push on the accelerator and off you go!

The Best New Small Vans for Sale

At the moment, small electric vans are dominating the market. This is because of how easy it is for manufacturers to convert the electric architecture from cars to commercial vehicles. Here are just some of the best new small vans that you can find on the market:

  • Peugeot E-Partner – This small Peugeot electric van offers up to 171 miles of driving range, holds a payload of 800kg and can best be characterised by its smooth drive. This vehicle is easy to use too, as it only takes thirty minutes of charging to restore the vehicle to 80% of its driving range.
  • Nissan eNV200 – This small van can best be known for having a large load volume despite being a small van. The van provides 4.2m³ of load space and has a payload of 705kg. If you are a small business owner then this van could be perfect for you. The Nissan eNV200 can best be described as cost-effective and practical, allowing you to complete your daily duties.
  • Renault Kangoo ZE – The Renault Kangoo ZE is one of Europe’s best-selling small vans, with a useful payload of between 625kg and 640kg. The Renault Kangoo has a driving range of up to 143 miles too. By incorporating the benefits of an electric vehicle without compromising the features found in the diesel version, there is no surprise as to why this vehicle is one of the most popular electric vans out on the market.

If you believe that one of these vehicles could be a welcomed addition to you and your business, then take a look at Van Sale UK’s range of electric vans! Offering a five-year warranty and free breakdown cover, we strive to provide our customers with the best experience.

Medium Electric Vans to Look Out For

Medium electric vans are starting to become popular within the van market too. This is because of its combination of impressive space, payload and driving range. Take a look at some of the medium electric vans we think you should look out for.

  • Volkswagen E-Transporter – This van could best be known for being an excellent drive. Although it has a relatively low driving range, the payload of 996kg means it could be perfect for tradesmen. The interior is definitely something to shout about too, with the addition of Apple CarPlay to make your journeys even more enjoyable.
  • Vauxhall e-Vivaro – This vehicle is at the forefront when it comes to medium electric vans that offer all-round capability. Per charge, this van has a driving of over 200 miles and a payload of over 1200kg too. In addition, Vauxhall are offering two battery pack sizes – 50kWh and 75kWh, and can also come in L1 or L2.
  • Toyota Proace – This medium electric van has plenty of positives that make it the perfect vehicle for you. The van is similar to the Vauxhall e-Vivaro and the Peugeot electric van E-Expert in the sense that it is available with two engines, 50kWh and 75kWh. One single charge allows you to drive up to 205 miles. To top it all off, the van has the capabilities to be charged in just thirty minutes.

The Best Large Electric Vans for Sale

In contrast to small and medium electric vans, large electric vans are designed to offer maximum payload capacity. Recently, the government has helped by increasing the gross vehicle weight for electric vans, offering more opportunities for manufacturers to make large electric vans. Here are some of the best large electric vans for sale in the market today:

  • Mercedes eSprinter – This is one of the best electric vans when it comes to blending quality and electric power. With a payload of 731kg and a driving range of 82 miles, the van is a great drive. It could be proposed that this is the best large electric vehicle for premium zero-emissions parcel delivery.
  • Fiat E-Ducato – If you’re looking for an electric van that excels in the payload and driving range category, then the Fiat E-Ducato is just for you. Available as a chassis cab and panel van, the van has a 4250kg gross vehicle weight capability. The driving range is up to 175 miles and the payload can reach 1885kg.
  • Ford E-Transit – This electric Ford Transit Van could be considered one of the new kids on the block. Arriving in late 2022, the vehicle offers 217 miles of driving range and 269hp from its electric motor.

Are There Vans for Sale Near Me? Look No Further than Van Sales UK

As we have pointed out, the choice of electric vans can feel somewhat endless. With each vehicle offering its own different benefits and features, it can sometimes be confusing as to what van would suit you and your needs best. That’s why our team at Van Sales UK take pride in helping our customers to identify what the best vehicle would be for them. Whether it be small, medium or large electric vans, we have got you covered. We believe that electric vans are going to become even more prevalent on our roads, that’s why we only stock the best electric vans from manufacturers such as Nissan, Mercedes and Volkswagen. If you believe that an electric van would be perfect for you and your business, then get in touch with our team today!


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