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Citroen Dispatch Van Review

May 19th, 2023

The Citroen Dispatch Van at a glance

The Citroen Dispatch van is perfect for the working world, where a range of cab features and engine options allow you to make this vehicle your own. Citroen has once again delivered style combined with practicality and comfort, where this attractive van is bound to make your business the talk of the town.

A roomy loading area and impressive payload mean that this is a vehicle defined by its versatility, where it can become an essential part of your working life. Its interior is custom built for transporting goods securely, where this is ideal for landscaping, masonry or parcel delivery services.

Read on for an in-depth look at the engine specifications and interior features of the Citroen Dispatch, with an analysis of how it may suit your industry needs.

Engines and Spec

This Citroen model allows you to choose from a selection of 5 high quality diesel engines, which range from 100 to 180 hp. All of these are equipped with Blue HDi technology, where this ensures a fuel efficient driving experience. You can also choose between a 6- speed manual or 8-speed automatic gearbox depending on your personal preference.

The Citroen Dispatch van also comes in two differing lengths, where you can weigh up your payload needs in relation to how manoeuvrable you’d like your van to be. Both the M and XL editions have a compact vehicle height, so you can easily park in a range of suburban areas whilst also fitting lengthy cargo in the back.


The loading area of the Citroen Dispatch is built for efficient transportation, where six load lashing points and internal lights are designed to make your life easier. This design means that individual pieces of cargo such as landscaping accessories or masonry materials can be secured properly to ensure your peace of mind whilst on the road.

The payload of the vehicle has an upper limit of 1400 kg, which is impressive for a van of this size. An internal width measurement of 1628 mm also ensures that you can fit a range of bulky cargo inside, from heavy electrical equipment to large refuse bags.

The Citroen Dispatch model includes an innovative Moduwork feature, where this allows you to raise the passenger seat in order to load longer items. This is perfect for loading cumbersome scaffolding poles or extended ladders for roofing jobs.

Within the cab, the van features a high driving chair position, which gives you a wide-ranging view of the road ahead. This is vital if you’re navigating tight domestic routes for removal services or courier deliveries. The cab also includes a writing tray and tablet stand, where this vehicle can easily be adapted into a workable on-the-go office space.

Citroen hasn’t skimped on driving quality either, where this van includes 16 driving assistance systems as standard. This is ideal if you are navigating mixed terrains for construction work or are driving long distances for a job.

The Citroen Dispatch also comes in an enlarged crew model which includes an extra row of seating. This is perfect for when you need more help on-site for large construction or removal projects.

Pros & Cons


  • Impressive payload for a medium sized van, where this vehicle can support a wide range of loading and unloading tasks
  • Exciting range of engine options so you can choose a vehicle that works for you
  • Useful driving features included as standard which will boost your comfort over long distance journeys


  • If your business is intent on reducing their carbon footprint, then you may wish to consider the Citroen e-Dispatch as a greener alternative
  • If you’re looking for maximum engine output when you’re transporting heavy loads then more powerful models are available
  • Slightly cramped cab interior which could compromise driver comfort if you’re spending long hours on the road

The Verdict

So the Citroen Dispatch is a quality example of a van that has been designed with professionalism in mind. It has an impressive loading potential combined with exclusive customisation options, where first-class Citroen engineering will always have your back when you’re out on a job. Whether you’re a busy bricklayer or successful scaffolder, you’ll have the payload and the driving capabilities to meet all your construction goals. Although more powerful and eco-friendly options are available, the Dispatch van is likely to remain an industry favourite for years to come.

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