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Citroen e-Dispatch Electric Van Review

December 6th, 2022

The Citroen e-Dispatch at a glance

The Citroen Dispatch, also known as the Citroen Jumpy in some countries, is a light commercial van range that began manufacturing in 1994. Since then it has been available in 3 distinct generations, with the electric Citroen e-Dispatch being introduced in 2020.

Since its release it has firmly established itself as a top model within the medium-sized van class, offering a long range while being decent value for money. Electric vehicles are the way forward for the modern business, allowing you to save money on fuel while also taking care of the environment.

Here at Van Sales UK, we absolutely love the Citroen e-Dispatch Van, so have put together this review on some of its best features and the performance it offers.

Engines and Spec

The Citroen e-Dispatch shares a common traction motor with the smaller Citroen e-Berlingo. This gives it an output of 130 horsepower and 260 torque. The e-Dispatch is fitted with a 75 kW-hr battery as an option, along with the standard 50 kW-hr. With this 75kWh battery, you can expect an incredibly high range of just over 200 miles, depending on the conditions.

Charging the van from flat could take you up to 42 hours for the 75kWh version, but this drops down to about 28 with the 50kWh battery. Long charge times can be beaten by charging little and often instead of waiting for the battery to drop low.

You can drive the e-Dispatch in Eco, Normal or Power driving modes, depending on the kind of performance that you require. Switching to Eco mode can add up to 10 miles to the range, while the Power setting could take about 10 miles off. However, both options are ideally suited for certain conditions so are well worth using when possible. The Power setting is ideal for carrying a heavy payload.

Speaking of payloads, it can offer a pretty reasonable cargo. While small, it can hold up to 6.1 cubic metres depending on the model, and this can be increased if fitted with Citroen’s thru-loading bulkhead. There are also rear and side doors for easy access to the payload.


Many electric vans struggle with cargo space due to the battery pack encroaching on it, but the E-Dispatch has the battery pack mounted under the cargo floor, so there is little impact on the carrying capacity.

The e-Dispatch is available in 3 lengths, so you can get an option suitable for your business. There is also a crew van option available which gives the van an additional row of seats, perfect for a business that needs to carry workers around.

The dashboard is identical to the one you can find in the regular Dispatch, with the only changes being the rev counter replaced by an energy gauge and the gear lever changing to a toggle switch for drive modes.

The interior of the van feels very car-like, which allows drivers to easily slip into it without having to fiddle about getting used to the controls. If you’re travelling with three people it may seem cramped, but two in the front will have plenty of space. The glove box may seem small but there’s also dashtop storage and storage under the passenger seat if needed.

Pros & Cons


  • Great range

  • Drives like a car

  • Cost-effective


  • Payload could be better

  • Blind spot issues

  • Slow to full charge

The Verdict

Overall the Citroen e-Dispatch Van is a great choice for the modern business. It is cheap to purchase and run, while the range it can deliver is hard to beat in most other electric van models. Everyday running costs are lower than those of a diesel van, so you can expect reduced amounts of money wasted in terms of tax, congestion charge exemption and servicing.

If you’re after a Citroen e-Dispatch Van, work with Van Sales UK today. You can get the e-Dispatch from us in a variety of body types including 2 distinct lengths of panel van, and also a crew van option.

By working with Van Sales UK, you can get free fast delivery nationwide, as well as competitive finance rates and part exchanges welcome. If you’d like to inquire about the purchase of a Citroen e-Dispatch, give us a call today at 0117 205 266.


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