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Citroen e-Relay Electric Dropside Review

January 5th, 2023

The Citroen e-Relay Dropside at a glance

Now that every version of their combustion vans are available in electric alternatives, Citroen have extended this electric range to also include conversions, one of such being the brand new Citroen e-Relay Dropside van.

The e-Relay range has been made electric courtesy of third party conversion specialists BEDEO. This leaves the e-Relay Dropside with a 75kWh battery that offers an optimal driving range without compromising on loading space in the dropside body.

As with their standard Relay Dropside vans, the dropside body itself is produced for Citroen by Ingimex, who are well known for top of the range van body conversions for some of the leading names.

Ideal for those who work in light, local construction or in landscaping, the Citroen e-Relay is perfect to drive in urban, stop-start traffic and down country lanes alike, thanks to its impressive driving range and fuel efficiency with zero tail emissions polluting the atmosphere.

Engines and Spec

Though one of the vans in the Citroen e-Relay range has got the option for a 35kWh battery, the e-Relay Dropside, like the rest of the range, utilises a 74kWh battery pack. This gives it an impressive 154 miles of range per full charge, though this is, of course, dependent on other factors, such as load, driving habits and weather conditions.

In terms of loading space in the dropside body, there is an internal length of 3,059mm and an internal width of 2,026mm, whilst the payload is a generous 1.4 tonnes. As for the platform, it comprises a 15mm thick full birch non-slip deck that is top fitted for easy repair and replacement. This is durable to withstand all kinds of cargo without damaging the surface, whilst keeping said cargo secure.

All the steel components are either powder coated or zinc plated to resist corrosion, withstanding up to 500 hours of salt spray resistance during testing. This ensures that the body will be resistant to all kinds of weather conditions in order to remain in optimum condition for as long as possible.


Inside the driver’s cabin, there are three seats for the driver and two additional passengers, each with plenty of legroom. This abundance of space is also reflected in the amount of storage available, with plenty of storage nooks throughout – particularly on the passenger side.

Part of the reason there is legroom for the middle seat is thanks to the lack of a gear stick. Instead, there are three buttons indicating ‘drive’, ‘neutral’ and ‘reverse’ respectively. This is an intuitive driving alternative that is convenient for the driver, and can also be found in the Peugeot e-Boxer range, which also uses the BODEO conversion.

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of this conversion is that the instrument cluster is left redundant. Whilst rival vans have adjusted their instrument cluster to reflect the driving information of their electric conversions, the Citroen e-Relay has not changed this in any way, rather simply removing the needles other than on the speedometer. The necessary vehicle information (such as battery level) is instead shown in the rearview mirror.

As for the interior of the dropside body, the e-Relay Dropside implements three-level load lashing rails, as well as a 400kg gantry capacity, allowing you to safely secure loads of all shapes and sizes.

Pros & Cons


  • Impressive driving range compared to other electric rivals
  • Generous payload
  • Good quality dropside body with plenty of lashing to secure loads


  • Redundant instrument cluster, subject to third party conversion
  • Driving range reduced significantly with higher payloads
  • Dated interior designed compared to other vans on the market

The Verdict

If you work in local construction in an urban area and regularly find yourself in stop-start traffic, or live in a rural area and have a career in landscaping and don’t wish to pollute the surrounding environment with your regular driving, then the Citroen e-Relay Dropside is an ideal van for you.

With a fully electric engine, the e-Relay Dropside has zero tail emissions and is perfect for driving in stop-start traffic thanks to its efficient power retention system when braking. Similarly, it is ideal for those who live in more rural areas and need to travel slightly longer distances to get to work, as it has an impressive range compared to other rival electric vans on the market. All this is achieved without compromising on load capacity, as the dropside body is one of the best available for transferring all kinds of cargo securely, no matter the weather.

Available now from £399 + VAT, contact us at VanSales UK to discuss your financing options for the new Citroen e-Relay Dropside. All electric vans we stock are offered with free UK mainland delivery and manufacturer’s warranty.


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