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Citroen e-Relay Luton vs Ford e-Transit Luton

March 9th, 2023

Over the past ten years, the power struggle for the primary energy source of road vehicles has been a long and hard-fought battle. Diesel and petrol engines have been fighting hard to maintain their control of the market, but there is no question that the electric era is now upon us. For some time, it almost felt impossible that electric cars and vans would ever actually catch on. After all, they were too slow, too expensive, and too impractical. Now though, in 2023, this narrative is completely different. Electric cars are now not just viable but a genuine competitor to the standard diesel and petrol engines.

This is, of course, thanks to the incredible amount of investment that many leading car manufacturers have put into improving the technology. After the success of Tesla vehicles and the obvious market for electric cars, all of the big manufacturers swooped in to try and tap into this new electric revolution. Yes, it is a shame that this didn’t happen earlier considering the poor health which our planet finds itself in at the moment. However, electric vehicles are here now, so let’s talk about them. So, what are two of the best electric vans on the market right now and how do they compare?

If you were to write a list of all of the main car manufacturers in the world, you would never miss out Citroen or Ford. These two giants of the vehicle world are now household names across the globe and they are known for building reliable and stable cars which can last a lifetime and perform to a brilliant standard. So, naturally, when they announced their new electric range, everyone was eager to catch a glimpse of these amazing new vehicles. So, which is better: the all-new Citroen e-Relay Luton or the Ford e-Transit Luton? Keep reading this blog to find out more.!

Engines and Spec

There is no question that electric motors have come a long way since their timid introduction over a decade ago. Now they are more than viable for cars and even produce some incredible performance statistics. In fact, the technology is so good that vans can now easily be powered by electric motors. So, how do the Citroen e-Relay Luton and the Ford e-Transit Luton compare when it comes to their electric power?

The real strength of the Ford is its power. The electric motor kicks out a very impressive 265 hp if you choose the most powerful option. Though, even if you opt for the less powerful model, you’ll still have 181 hp under your right foot, which is more than enough to power a high-payload vehicle. What’s more, the great thing about electric power is the instant torque which you will get. The power is transferred almost instantly into the wheels, which makes pulling heavy loads light work for the Ford e-Transit Luton.

When it comes to the Citroen e-Relay, its strength lies in the van’s range on one charge. The vehicle will travel a staggering 154 miles on a single charge. This is incredibly impressive for a large payload vehicle and will certainly make your commute far more comfortable.


Of course, most electric vehicles have incredible interiors, as you might expect from modern vans. Though these two vans really are a shining example of what is possible with a utility vehicle’s interior. Of course, there is plenty of storage space within the vans and secure storage too, so you can place your valuables somewhere without worrying about them. This is a vital feature as van break-ins continue to increase.

As for the Citroen e-relay, a particular stand out would probably be the grip control. This is a traction control system that will help the driver if they need to pass over a particularly difficult patch of ground which, of course, is all too common on building sites.

As for the Ford here at Van Sales UK, we would probably cite the EcoMode setting as its most useful feature, as this will allow your range to go even further!

The Verdict

Certainly, these two vans really are some of the finest examples of electric Lutons on the market. They both have brilliant range statistics and certainly pack enough power to get you from A to B. As for which one is right for you that will all be down to what you prioritise most but one thing is for sure both of these vans would be a great choice.

So, if the Citroen e-Relay Luton or the Ford e-Transit Luton is the van for you, then make sure you contact us today to find out more! We have many years of experience in the industry and will help you find the best van for your needs.



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