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Citroen E-Relay Luton vs MAN eTGE Luton

March 16th, 2023

50 years ago, the thought of all-electric sports cars, vans and buses would seem as if it had jumped from the pages of a science fiction novel. However, life moves pretty fast and the future of transportation is well and truly here.

Sure, we’re not zipping through the streets on hoverboards or racing over towns in flying vehicles yet, but the ways in which we get around have certainly evolved. Technological advancements and great feats of engineering mean manufacturers are able to turn to alternative energy sources for their latest vehicles. From cars and trucks to motorcycles and commercial vans, all-electric power is slowly becoming the new norm.

That said, transitioning to these new methods isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. For businesses, sole traders and working professionals looking for a new commercial vehicle, there is an overwhelming amount of choice; a plethora of high-quality electric vans can lead to option paralysis. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

If you find yourself scouring the web for a van that is comfortable, practical, reliable and sustainable, you may wonder if such a vehicle exists at all. We can assure you, it does! Those on a quest for plenty of storage space as well as payload capabilities should certainly consider a Luton model. These versatile body types have earned a reputation for excellence among industries across the globe; their all-electric variants are no exception!

Here at Van Sales UK, we take great pride in pairing customers with great vans. In the following review, we’ll place two great electric Lutons head-to-head in an attempt to discover which van is best for you. Read on to discover our van vs van review of the Citroen E-Relay Luton and the MAN eTGE Luton.

Engines and Spec

Let’s begin by taking a peek below the bonnet of the Citroen E-Relay Luton. This versatile vehicle is powered by an equally impressive 75kWh battery, capable of offering 154 miles on a single charge. That’s more than enough for trips out of town, motorway driving and urban navigation. What’s more, if you find yourself low on juice while on the move, the battery can regain up to 85% charge in under an hour using a 50 kW public charging point!

Regarding cargo space and storage, the Luton body boasts an area of 2057 mm x 3480mm x 2235mm for the L3 model, and 2057 mm x 4150mm x 2390mm for the L4 model. Of course, no discussion of a Luton chassis would be complete without mentioning the famous over-cab storage section, ideal for extra-long loads and additional items.

In terms of payload, this all-electric van offers 1147kg in the L3 model, with the L4 coming in just behind at 979 kg. Not bad, hey?

The Citroen E-Relay Luton is certainly a hard act to follow, so how will the MAN eTGE Luton compare?

As is the case with the Citroen E-Relay Luton, the MAN eTGE Luton boasts a fully electric engine, amounting to a smooth, quiet and environmentally-friendly ride. The eTGE’s motor provides 136hp and 290 Nm of instant torque. Though this may be less than diesel competitors, it is far from the bottom of the line in terms of electric vehicle performance.

It is worth noting that the MAN eTGE can be charged using an AC wall box in just five and a half hours or a public DC charging station in significantly less time. Moreover, the eTGE is limited to a range of 71 miles when fully charged. For this reason, the eTGE Luton is better suited to short trips, town driving and urban environments. That said, this is an impressive and capable vehicle.


Inside, the Citroen E-Relay Luton boasts a number of well-considered comfort and safety features, as well as an abundance of tech. This capable van is designed with a spacious cabin, two passenger seats and plenty of legroom. A multitude of storage compartments and cubbies ensure that everything has a place; no more losing keys, wallets and phones down the side of seats!

What’s more, those hoping for a little extra comfort or safety will be pleased to discover that the E-Relay Luton is available with up to 11 driver aids, including an adaptive traction control system. Within the Luton body, the E-Relay also features locking strips and tie rails to secure cargo during transit.

There’s no denying that the MAN eTGE puts up a great fight, boasting impressive attention to detail and uncompromising comfort. What’s more, the MAN eTGE Luton offers the choice between numerous design options including wooden or universal flooring, tie-down rails and claddings and precision-fitted shelving systems. Bright LED lighting for the loading bay is also available for the eTGE – as standard.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a straight answer to the question ‘which is better?’, we’re afraid it isn’t quite that simple. Both the Citroen E-Relay Luton and the MAN eTGE Luton are impressive and capable vans, boasting a wide range of desirable features and well-designed interiors.

Sure, if driving range is your top priority the Citroen E-Relay Luton is certainly a suitable choice. That said, if versatility and in-cab customisation is more important to you, the MAN eTGE Luton might just tip the scale.

Still unsure? Don’t worry. Here at Van Sales UK, we’re always happy to point customers in the right direction. Just get in touch with a member of our team.


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