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Citroen E-Relay Electric Tipper Review

December 14th, 2022

Citroen E-Relay Tipper At A Glance

Tough competition in the 2023 van market makes for a real selection dilemma if you’re acquiring a brand new model. Of course, everyone is looking for something different when it comes to acquiring a new or used van, and whether a bulkier spacious model is your preference, or you require a tradesperson-friendly electric vehicle with features aplenty, Citroen are as reliable as ever. The fully electric E-Relay Tipper is perfect for an array of applications, retaining the reliability of a manual diesel van – with a streamlined tipper capability controlled from the cab. Weighing up pros and cons, this particular option is perfect for use in light construction, possessing best-in-class loading width for an electric variant.

If you’ve driven a Citroen electric vehicle before, you will likely be aware of what to expect, including a huge selection of accessories, and variants that cater to the specifics of different trades. Generally, drawbacks stem from the conversion, and the existing reasonable payload capacity could be great, though unfortunately remains impacted by an intricate battery conversion. Read on to find out more, including insight into the longer and roomier rear load space, range specifics, fast charge capabilities and observations on presentation and configurations. With so much to cover within the review of this feature-heavy and environmentally friendly van option, explore variants, conversions and much more.

Engine and Specs

Keeping up with the latest in eco-efficient van options, the Van Sales UK team are always keen to explore the capabilities of electric vans, and the specs of this Citroen E-Relay Tipper are interesting to say the least. The competitive range of up to 154 miles generally can be fast charged by up to 80% in just one hour, keeping busy tradespeople on the road for much longer. The short and long-term financial gains of investing in an EV aren’t the only reason to acquire a sustainable work van either – The new and remodelled Citroën ë-Relay is 100% ëlectric and available in 3 lengths, maintaining an output of up to 90kw engine power, more than enough to see you through a busy suburban setting going about daily tasks. Browse van options on finance and part-exchange for your exclusive 2023 deals.

Within our original review of the Citroen Relay Tipper, we praised the van’s sturdy build quality, which is no less evident here. The electric Relay Tipper is still equipped with a steel bulkhead and gantry, as well as heavy-duty zinc-plated corner pillars and a hardwearing ladder rack. These additions provide fantastic protection from weather conditions and otherwise unsafe roads.


Interior options remain flexible, and can always be acquired and fitted following acquisition of your van. 11 driving assistance systems can come pre-installed for enhanced safety on the roads, with thorough soundproofing and attention to detail for a relaxing drive. Variants catering to the specifics of different trades can be acquired with different features, from reversing cameras, automatic windscreen wipers and reinforced suspension. A payload of up to 1150kg is certainly competitive, while loading is easier thanks to two hinged rear doors.

Tipper capabilities are controlled conveniently from the cab, and with a clear view of the mechanism, driver and passenger alike can easily monitor the secondary function of this versatile electric van. Seamlessly manoeuvre large loads from A to B, with plenty of horsepower to drive you forward despite the arguably limited specs compared with diesel rivals.

Pros & Cons


  • Suitable rear load space and storage capabilities.

  • Plenty of features for multiple variants.

  • All the perks you would expect from an EV.


  • Diesel vans may be more road-ready.

  • Battery conversion limits payload somewhat.

  • Disappointing maximum speed.

The Verdict

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint in 2023? We think that the Citroen E-Relay Tipper could be a fantastic choice for decking out comprehensive van fleets, sourced as a one-off acquisition as a ‘man-in-a-van’ vehicle or picked up for everyday commuting. Make environmentally harmful diesel and petrol driving a thing of the past when you drive away with this proven Citroen choice, and get ahead of the masses with EV deals worth shouting about. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Van Sales by calling on 0117 428 7721 or sending an email to


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