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Citroen E-Relay Tipper vs Man eTGE Tipper

March 31st, 2023

Electric cars are now not just a future threat to the petrol and diesel variants but a very real competitor in what is becoming an increasingly complex market. Since the introduction of the Tesla electric cars, the market has really exploded and many of the world’s big names have moved to electric technology in a bid to cash in on this emerging market. Nowadays we live in a world where electric cars are a common sight on our roads and the infrastructure around these vehicles is also vastly improved. Fast chargers, for example, are a common feature of the 21st-century motorway service station and EV charging points in new build garages are almost a guarantee.

So, how much has the market really evolved in the last ten years and are we really entering a new era of vehicles? To put it bluntly, electric vehicles have risen in popularity faster than most would have thought possible. In 2016 a total of 30,669 electric cars were registered in the UK. By 2020 this figure had risen to 205,770 and now in 2023, there are a staggering 693,307 electric cars on our roads. So, from 2016 to 2023 the electric car market has seen a 2160.61% increase.

When we turn our attention to vans there seems to be the same general trend. In 2020 there were 5,266 electric vans registered in the UK and in 2023 there have been 36,728 electric vans registered. This figure is made even more staggering when you consider that we are not even halfway through the year yet.

Clearly then, there is an obvious market for electric vans in 2023. In fact, the market is so huge that many of the world’s largest vehicle-manufacturing brands have entered the electric van sphere. Of course, these giants of the trade are eager to grab a slice of this ever-growing market. Two of the manufacturers that have joined the electric van race are Citroen and Man. They both have a large payload tipper van available but which is better, the Citroen E-Relay Tipper or the Man eTGE Tipper? Keep reading to find out!

Engines and Spec

One of the main strengths of having an electric motor powering a van is the torque which they produce. Torque is the force that an engine or motor produces which helps to move the vehicle forward. Of course, with large payload vehicles, you will need a large amount of torque to pull these heavy vans. So, electric motors are the perfect option for the job.

When it comes to Citroen, its real strength is its power. In fact, the vehicle is more powerful than some of its diesel rivals and will certainly be enough to carry a full load of cargo comfortably. This is vital if you often find yourself nipping to and from the site and with a tipper you need the van to have a degree of power behind it. In terms of its statistics, the e-Relay produces 122hp and 260 Nm of torque.

As for the Man, this van’s strength would arguably be its range. Thanks to the low running costs and ability to bypass many of the nation’s low-emission zones, many delivery drivers and city workers use electric vans. With a city van, you won’t require it to complete as many miles in a day but you will need it to be reliable. With the eTGE, you have just that. The van can drive for just over 70 miles on a single charge and is incredibly reliable.


As you might expect, the interiors of these vans really are brilliant. Of course, one of the most important aspects of vans is they need to be easy and safe to drive. Comfortability when it comes to driving is all based on your visibility and of course the driving position. When it comes to the former of these two points both of these vans really shine. There is little in the way of blind spots and the windows and mirror are both large and extremely well-made. As for the latter of the points the two vans shine again. The seats are easily adjustable and so are the steering wheels. So, you will be more than comfortable with either of these options.

The Verdict

Certainly, either of these two vans would be a great investment for your company and they would definitely not let you down. After all, both Citroen and Man have built up an incredible reputation over the past few years which is why they are some of the best-selling van manufacturers on the market at the moment. So, whether it’s the Citroen E-Relay Tipper or the Man eTGE Tipper we can certainly help, just get in touch with us today!


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