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Citroen Relay Low Loader Review

April 20th, 2023

The Citroen Relay Low Loader at a glance

Citroen have established a background of producing savvy vans, be it the smaller and more city-ready Berlingo, the Dispatch (equipped with a generous payload), or an electric variant to substitute for those fuel-guzzling traditional models. The Relay is yet another shining example within the French manufacturer’s fleet, and one which benefits from a number of body type conversions to boot. This particular review will be taking a look at the Relay Low Loader – designed with an array of stakeholders in mind. Quickly establishing a reputation for versatility, the popularity of this large van is more than deserved – as we’ll cover in more depth. Updated with some impressive new features for domestic removals, easy conversion or delivery of larger items, there are a plethora of possibilities in 2023.

Boasting gadgets and gizmos for driver safety, passenger comfort and even family trips, this low loader is a joy to drive, and prioritises comfort and practicality over everything else, leaving you with a van that is reliable as standard. Nobody wants a van which feels like a chore to drive, especially if you’re spending many hours every day within the cab area. Detail is impressive, with doors and brakes upgraded within the latest releases for durability. Paired with the satisfactory specifications of the Citroen Relay Low Loader, and you’re looking at a winning formula.

Read ahead for our full thoughts on this fantastic  van, including insight on the body type, optional features, value for money and viable usage.

Engines and Spec

Features and aesthetics are all well and good – but why grab yourself a new van if it isn’t functional enough to take you from A to B? Luckily enough, the Citroen Low Loader remains a force to be reckoned with on paper and in application. Reasonably easy to drive, the light steering, good forward visibility and logical interior layout were our initial observations, and we were thoroughly impressed when checking out what sits under the bonnet. A pair of Euro 6.3-compliant engines have been added to the Relay range over time, and these 2.2-litre, four-cylinder turbo diesel units feature Stop & Start (S&S) technology. The powerful BlueHDi 140 puts out 140hp and an abundance of torque – certainly nothing to be scoffed at.

The ride in the Relay is reasonably good, even without a load in the back. Over bumpy back roads, the optional suspended driver’s seat soaks up most of the bumps, though it is exactly that – optional. Stability control, hill-start assist, ABS and emergency braking are all standard on the Relay, while the larger models also get lane departure warnings and improved brakes. Together, these features equate to a seamlessly functional automobile for delivery drivers especially.

For additional information on the classic Citroen Relay model, why not take a look at our detailed standalone review?


The interior design of the Citroen Relay Low Loader is nothing to write home about, but it is undeniably practical and comfortable for those who decide to take the plunge. The Relay comes with three seats as standard, including a pulldown table in the centre.  Complementing this set-up, there is also plenty of storage on offer, with two glove compartments, a dashboard-mounted document clip and a couple of open and lidded compartments elsewhere in the dashboard. As far as tech is concerned, electric windows and electrically adjustable mirrors are standard, and the split door mirrors contain lower sections which can be angled downwards too – useful when parking in tight spots or for spotting vehicles hiding in your blind spots.

A praiseworthy area where the Citroën Relay has improved significantly over the years is in the addition of safety systems, only some of which are mandatory. Useful extras, such as roll-over mitigation and hill descent control are a welcome bonus, and innovative traffic sign recognition is a valid feature in its own right. At Van Sales UK, we pride ourselves on variety and convenience. This is exactly why we provide an expansive selection of new manual and electric vans for you to browse.

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile and able to cater to varied tasks on the road
  • Citroen craftsmanship is as detailed as ever
  • Plenty of thoughtful cab additions


  • May not possess the payload of some similar vans
  • Though useful, many features are ‘optional’
  • Not the most economical (though an electric variant is available)

The Verdict

Overall, the Citroen Relay Low Loader is a good-looking and versatile van, best suited to use by tradespeople, delivery drivers and individuals who appreciate an abundance of space.. With multiple variants, the sleek design is effective for city driving. Safety assets and a ton of optional and mandatory features make this van a leader in class for 2023 and beyond. Interested in eco-friendly electric vans? Or new and used diesel vans? Contact Van Sales UK at 0117 205 0666 or


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