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Citroen Relay Tipper Review

September 16th, 2022

The Citroen Relay Tipper at a glance

When it comes to reliability, comfort and loadspace, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single cab vehicle that offers as much as the Relay Tipper from Citroen. This van is a certified choice among tradespeople of all kinds due to its high-performance capabilities, hardwearing design and powerful electro-hydraulic tipping functionality.

The single cab Citroen Relay Tipper does exactly what it is designed to do, providing a powerful tipping mechanism complete with an automatic overload prevention system. This van boasts an unbeatable payload and loadspace, making it ideal for the transportation of building materials, debris, refuse, green waste and much more.

For those searching for a van that offers an impressive payload, hardy build quality and great tipping functionality without sacrificing comfort or drivability, the Citroen Relay Tipper could be a perfect choice.

Read on to discover all that this vehicle has to offer.

Engines and Spec

First up, let’s have a look at the Citroen Relay Tipper’s engine and specifications. Below the bonnet of this van sits a manual transmission 2.2-litre diesel engine. This engine size pushes 165bhp and allows for impressive torque and manoeuvring even with heavier cargo loaded. What’s more, the HDi diesel engine produces far less CO2 than older models, making it more environmentally friendly and offering improved fuel economy.

Regarding the rear of the van, it features a 1222kg payload with a cargo space measuring 2870mm by 2026mm. This impressive load capability combined with the high-performance tipping mechanism powered by an electro-hydraulic power pack is what gives the tipper a class-leading advantage over its competitors.

Another aspect worth noting is this van’s sturdy build quality. The Relay Tipper is equipped with a steel bulkhead and gantry as well as heavy-duty zinc-plated corner pillars and a hardwearing ladder rack with a galvanised mesh infill.  These features not only provide incredible protection from the elements but also improve the overall safety of the vehicle, preventing damage to the rear of the cab in the event of an accident.

Handling & Driving

Owing to this van’s respectable engine size and impressive build quality, it drives and handles remarkably well, offering plenty of torque with larger loads on board as well as a tight turning circle for trickier manoeuvres and parking situations.

Despite not featuring a reversing camera or audio sensors, the Relay Tipper is easy to park, with plenty of visibility through the rear window and clear visibility of both front and rear corners. What’s more, the presence of electrically controllable door mirrors makes it easy for the driver to adjust their blindspots and assess curb and vehicle distances.


Moving inside the cab, the Tipper features a number of design elements that improve safety, comfort and customisation. The cab consists of 3 comfortable seats with ample lumbar support, front door armrests and a non-slip floor covering. The driver’s seat offers further adjustability for reach, height and lumbar support.

In addition to its comfortable and supportive design, the cab also features a number of technical features such as Bluetooth connectivity,  a digital radio, air conditioning and multiple speakers. The cab is also fitted with central locking, an immobiliser and alarm lights.

Regarding storage and practicality, the cab interior includes a central dash folding clipboard, two gloveboxes, one of which is lockable, and an overhead storage shelf. These, coupled with the driver and passenger side door storage holders mean there is plenty of storage space in the cab; no need for dashboard clutter!

Pros & Cons


  • Large Payload & Loadspace
  • Powerful Electro-Hydraulic Tipping Mechanism
  • Impressive Drivability & Comfort


  • No parking sensors
  • Fewer Seats Than Crew Cab Model

The Verdict

Overall, Citroen’s Relay Tipper is an excellent choice for those looking for payload capacity, comfort and reliability rolled into one. This van’s impressive loadspace and hydraulic tipping mechanism, coupled with the cab’s technical features and comfort make it an all-rounder in terms of practicality and comfort.

Here at Van Sales UK, we are pleased to offer the Citroen Relay Tipper 2022 for only £349 + VAT per month, including free delivery, breakdown cover and a 3-year warranty!

Enquire today to discuss this van and its amazing features with a member of our team.

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