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Citroen Relay Van Review

May 19th, 2023

The Citroen Relay At A Glance

Though there are of course multiple variants, unique body types and extensively kitted out versions of the ever-popular Citroen Relay, we’ll be focusing here on the traditional Relay model – which is far from plain as the no-thrills name would suggest. The relay is as hard working as those who use it, with impressive specs, an overall comfy drive and enough features to please even the fussiest tradesperson. As one of the most popular vans in the large van market, the Citroen Relay was recently even updated with some impressive new features.

Boasting a fantastic Euro 6.3-compliant engine, along with a new trim level structure, doors and brakes have also been upgraded especially, benefitting overall durability and interior quality. Though capable of providing a pleasantly quiet drive, this van certainly isn’t lacking in power – with job applicability for everyone from electricians, plumbers, carpenters and roofers. Citroen suggest that their focus on long-term running costs and relationship with customers are top reasons to buy the Relay – and as you’ll soon discover within this review, we couldn’t agree more!

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Engines and Spec

Generally speaking, the Citroen Relay is surprisingly easy to drive, even for those inexperienced at navigating through roads in a large panel van. With light steering, good forward visibility and a logical interior layout, making the transition from say a larger car or other tradesperson vehicle shouldn’t feel like rocket science. Riding in the Citroen Relay is seamless, and even with a load in the back, you’re unlikely to feel overwhelmed by the hefty cargo. Over bumpy back roads, the optional suspended driver’s seat soaks up most of the bumps, making for a pleasant and comfortable ride.

Euro 6.3-compliant engines are a prerequisite within the Relay range, and these 2.2-litre, four-cylinder turbo Diesel units feature Stop & Start technology. The BlueHDi 120 produces 120hp and 229lb-ft of torque and the more powerful BlueHDi 140 puts out 140hp and 251lb-ft of torque – not too shabby at all! Whereas the previous engine quickly became tiresome, mainly due to it being so noisy, the newer version is a great improvement, certainly less loud and disruptive.

Factor in the stability control, hill-start assist, ABS and emergency braking, and you’ll get a good idea as to why this vehicle is considered such an all-rounder. Larger models come kitted out with a lane departure warning system, with a driver’s airbag coming as standard, too. Interested in learning more about the specifics of the Citroen Relay? We’ve covered additional details and information within our standalone review.


While the interior design of the Citroen Relay is not particularly stylish, it is undeniably practical and comfortable. Spacious and accomplished enough to contain materials, luggage and day-to-day work essentials for a variety of trades, optional features and gadgets mean you can mix and match to suit the task at hand. The Relay comes with three seats traditionally, including a pull-down table in the centre. The driver’s seat is also comfortable and can be chosen with its own suspension if you’re working in circumstances which could result in a bumpy ride!

The observant ones among you may realise that The Relay has headlights and a grille inspired by the new range of Citroen cars, with large chevrons that blend into chrome strips on the nose, creating a stylish aesthetic. The optional LED strip inside the headlights is a nice touch too, and exhibits the level of detail that only the very best vans utilise. Electric windows and electrically adjustable mirrors are standard. The dual passenger seat includes a drop-down desk unit and the Relay also comes with a CD stereo as standard.

The Relay ultimately offers a pleasant driving environment for a van of its age, with good forward visibility and split door mirrors with lower sections that can be angled downwards. Additional storage is no concern either, with plenty of storage stashed within two glove compartments, a dashboard-mounted document clip and a couple of open and lidded compartments elsewhere in the dashboard. Door pockets and a sizable storage area under the passenger seat complete a strong lineup, though some may accuse Citroen of overkill when it comes to nooks and crannies for storage.

Pros & Cons


  • Features and gadgets make this a versatile choice.
  • Modern exterior design is an attractive proposition.
  • Engine is capable, as is the smooth drive.


  • Not the most sustainable (though there is an electric variant.
  • Storage options can be overwhelming.
  • Interior design doesn’t match the stylish body.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a van which ticks all the boxes, and manages to gain universal acclaim, then this large Citroen van may be the exact choice for you. Going about business in a surprisingly quiet and easy-to-drive manner, this is a low-fuss, maximum comfort vehicle if ever we’ve seen one. Flexibility when it comes to features and an abundance of optional extras are simply the cherry on top.


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