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CMB Maintenance opens the door to a new fleet from Vanaways

May 22nd, 2023

Facilities management provider CMB Maintenance turned to independent vehicle supplier Vanaways when it needed a new fleet with a minimum of hassle or delay.

The Cardiff-based operator took delivery of its six new Renault vans – a mix of Kangoo and Trafic models – less than a month after placing its order.

They are now hard at work with the company’s mobile maintenance engineers, providing a wide range of repairs and planned and preventative maintenance services, to public and private sectors across South Wales and beyond.

CMB has not sourced vehicles from Vanaways before but, said Maintenance Manager Liam Wozencroft: “The whole process was made extremely easy, which is exactly what we wanted.

“All the details of the transaction were handled in a few emails and phone calls, so I never had to leave my office. The vans, and the support package including a finance arrangement and maintenance contract, meet our requirements perfectly and the service from Vanaways has been first class. On this evidence they can expect more business from CMB in the future.”

The order from CMB was won by Vanaways’ Business Development Team, set up less than six months ago as part of a major expansion drive.

Previously the company’s sales force had concentrated on ‘inbound’ inquiries – taking calls from people looking for new vans. Business Development Director Liam Nicholas and his team of Business Development Managers, though, are actively targeting operators who so far have not used the services of Vanaways.

“We’re contacting companies with fleets of 10 vehicles or more, who typically run a regular replacement programme” he said. “We believe the quick turnaround and trouble-free service that we can offer is ideally suited to these busy operations, and we want to tell people exactly how we can help keep their businesses running smoothly.”

Vanaways was established in 2017. Following five years of steady growth, last year saw the company begin an ambitious push for expansion.

Liam Wozencroft added: “Our previous vehicles were starting to cost us money so we were keen to get replacements in without delay. Although we had not dealt with Vanaways I was aware of the company – they’re very active on social media and I’d also read good reviews of their service from other customers.

“Our engineers rely on their vans to get to jobs on time, so we can’t afford to have vehicles off the road. The maintenance contract arranged by Vanaways ensures that, and the finance package was very competitively priced. Overall we’re delighted with the service.”


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