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Conversion Ideas for Storage in Your Van

November 7th, 2022

Whether you are looking to convert your van into a cosy campervan or an on-the-go office, there are lots of tips and tricks to optimise the amount of storage in your van.

Here are some conversion ideas to increase the amount of storage in your van.

Overhead shelving

If you’re looking for a bit more overhead storage to store your belongings or work documents, overhead shelving might be the perfect option for you!

They are easy to install, provide lots of storage and keep your van’s interior looking spacious and open since they are not closed off.

Just ensure that your belongings are secured so that they don’t slide around or fall out while driving.

Slide-out tables

Slide-out tables are a great van storage hack. The table simply slides out when you need it and then pushes back into place when you aren’t using it, meaning you get to enjoy a roomy, spacious van.

They can be easily set up for a place to eat or a working station when needed.

Slide-out pantry

If you’re planning the layout of your conversion and are left with any narrow, awkward spaces that you don’t know what to do with, consider adding a slide-out pantry to your van!

A slide-out pantry can provide plenty of storage for all of our dry goods and is very easy to make and convenient to access.

Use the roof

While most of these hacks cover storage ideas for inside your vehicle, don’t forget to make use of one of the biggest spaces on your van – the roof!

Simply invest in rooftop luggage boxes and secure onto your van for the ultimate gear and equipment storage space.

Since this space isn’t as easily accessible as the interior of your van, this is a great place to store items that you don’t use regularly, like surfboards and equipment.

It also doesn’t take any storage or space away from the inside of your van, making it the perfect storage hack.

Shoe rack organiser

Shoes can take up a lot of valuable space, so it’s a good idea to invest in a shoe rack. These can be added to the back of a passenger seat or attached to the back of your rear does for extra storage.

There are also designated organisers for vehicles that attach to the back of a headrest.

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