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Cooking On The Road: Best Ways To Cook Out Of Your Van

May 5th, 2023

It is a well known fact that food tastes better when consumed in the open air. Whether you’re embarking on a beach picnic or a summer barbeque, you can guarantee that whatever you cook will be complemented by the salty sea air or bright sunshine. This is something a van can facilitate, whether you’re eating on the go in an impromptu manner or cooking on the road as part of your regular van life.

If you’ve decided to pursue the eco-friendly alternative lifestyle of van dwelling, then you will likely have fitted out your vehicle with all the amenities you need to eat, sleep and wash. When you set out, you may be intending to cook within your van for long periods of time, in which case you will need to consider how to plan for this properly.

Read on for a guide to van life cooking, including tips on preparing meals ahead of time and keeping yourself safe within your vehicle.


Meal plans & provisioning

If you’re going to be travelling continuously, then planning and cooking meals ahead of time that are easy to re-heat can be a great way to prepare.

Fill the freezer

A full fridge and freezer in your van will keep its contents colder than a half-filled one, so it’s always best to prepare and store as many meals as you can.

Meat free alternatives

Vegetarian and vegan meals are easier to store and reheat without worrying about health risks associated with undercooked produce.

Plan for outdoor living

Living in a van will provide opportunities to cook outdoors and to prepare meals communally, which you can prepare for to maximise your resources.


Store appliances & tables

Countertop stoves and appliances can be stowed away in drawers, whilst fold-away tables are an excellent space saver for on the go.

Nest dishes

Investing in pots, pans and tupperware that can nest easily is a good way to store multiple containers in a small space.

Maintain tools

Having a few well sharpened knives and tools is better than having lots of poorly maintained ones, so always bring your sharpening kit with you.


Fire management

Cooking in a tight space will increase your risk of a kitchen fire, so investing in extinguishers and fire blankets is a must.


You should think about kitchen ventilation when converting your van interior as a top priority, where a carbon monoxide detector will ensure your safety.

Emergency supplies

You never know what will happen on the road, so it is always a good idea to have an emergency non-perishable food supply.

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