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Dash Cams: Should You Buy One For Your New Van?

July 27th, 2022

Thinking of installing a dash cam in one of your new vans? Below, we provide a vital guide to dash cams, highlighting their key applications and benefits. 

What’s A Dash Cam?

A small camera typically mounted to the dashboard or windscreen of your transit van, for example, a dash cam is designed to record footage of the road and provide evidence for road incidents across the country. If you’re looking to buy a van, installing a dash cam could prove a cost-effective safety measure for the long term. Generally, there are three main types of dash cam available:

Front View

These types of dash cams are designed to record and capture evidence of everything that happens in front of you, i.e – the driver’s point of view.  

Front & Rear View

As a high number of road incidents, particularly those at low speeds, involve rear-end collisions, a front and rear dash cam is arguably worth the additional cost. Able to record both what’s happening in front and what’s happening behind you, front and rear dash cams will capture even more evidence. 

Cabin View

Primarily utilised by those in the taxi and car service industry, cabin view dash cams record footage of what’s happening inside the car itself. This can help with capturing evidence in road incidents, accidents and collisions, as well as, checking driving habits and enhancing passenger security.  

Why Install A Dash Cam?

Dash cams come with a number of essential benefits, helping to promote safer driving and providing vital evidence in road incidents. Below, we outline the essential reasons you should consider a dashcam for your new van. 

Promote Safer Driving

Not only this, but with cabin view dashcams, you can also monitor and review your own driving habits too. Simply by watching back the footage of your driving, you can spot potential hazards you may have caused yourself or missed entirely. This will promote safer driving on your part, as you look to eliminate your own potentially dangerous habits and improve your all-around safety consciousness as a driver. 

Record Accidents

Arguably the most important reason for installing a dashcam in one of your new vans is the ability to record footage of any and all accidents, incidents or serious collisions that may occur on the road.  Should you either be directly involved in a road incident such as this or are merely a witness to an event, a dashcam will provide the necessary evidence required. 

This means that the driver responsible for the incident will always be found liable, which can save you considerable time and money negotiating for damage costs that weren’t your fault to begin with. 

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