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Does My Business Need A Dropside Or Tipper? Or Maybe Both?

July 3rd, 2023

Both dropside and tipper vans are extremely durable and useful commercial vehicles. But, what’s the real difference? And which one will suit your business’ needs better? Keep reading our breakdown of dropside and tipper vans to find out how they can be useful to you!

What’s The Difference Between A Dropside & A Tipper?

Dropside and Tipper vans can often be confused, so, what’s the real difference?

In short, tipper vans have a more open body and an underfloor tipping system, allowing them to tip the back of the vehicle body and unload heavy loads easily. Tipper vans are good for light construction and transporting materials or tools.

Dropsides, on the other hand, have tailboards that drop down on the sides of your vehicle, letting you remove your load directly off the van, rather than tipping. Dropsides are great for anyone operating a forklift, and are extremely durable.

What Industries Might Need These Kinds Of Vans?

Both Tipper and Dropside vans are extremely useful to different industries, and some industries can benefit from both!

Tipper Vans

Extremely popular in construction industries, Tipper vans are great for transporting materials such as sand, gravel, or other loose materials. In keeping with this, they are great for landscaping businesses too. For bulky, loose materials that you want to transport efficiently, a Tipper could be the way to go.

Dropside Vans

Dropside vans are also popular for construction companies, as they can transport heavy materials such as bricks and aggregates, making them a great builder’s van. They can make life a lot easier for scaffolding projects and other heavy construction jobs. They have good accessibility for forklifts too.

Who Says You Can’t Have Both?

If you work in a construction or landscaping industry, or another trade that would require you to have a dropside and a tipper van, then having both could benefit your day to day working life. Although their differences are slight, they hold a lot of similarities and can be used for transporting your construction materials and goods in a reliable fashion.

If you’re feeling unsure about which van type you might need, you can contact us here at Van Sales UK for expert and unbiased advice.

Van Sales UK

At Van Sales UK, we supply a range of new and used vans, from drop sides and tippers to sprinters and electric vans. We have a wide range of ready to use quality vehicles, including fleet vans for sale. Our experienced team will deliver a personal and attentive service to help you with your requirements.

For further enquiries about the services we offer or the vehicles we sell, feel free to contact us today!


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