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Everything you need to know about the Fiat Ducato

November 14th, 2022

A reliable van is at the top of many businesses’ lists of needs. Whether you run a large business with a fleet of vehicles or are just a local contractor in need of a single van, you want to make sure you can get where you want to go as efficiently as possible, all while being able to carry everything and everyone you need.

There are plenty of vans on the market well suited for work, but today Van Sales UK has decided to focus on just one particular model. That model is the Fiat Ducato. This guide will take you through everything you need to know about the van, and the various body types that the vehicle has.

So read on to find out everything and more that you need to know about the Fiat Ducato.

Fiat Ducato Origins

Fiat Automobiles or Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino to give it its full name, is the largest automobile manufacturer in Italy, starting out all the way back in 1899.

While Fiat started all the way back in 1899, the Fiat Ducato didn’t hit the streets until 1981. It was the result of Fiat’s collaboration with PSA Peugeot Citroen and was available as either a 3-door van or a 2-door pickup.

It started out with three trims: base, S and SX with modern variants named according to the carrying capacity. The Ducato 10 could carry 1 ton, while the Ducato 13, 14 and 18 could carry 1.3, 1.4 and 1.8 tons respectively. The second generation debuted in 1993, with a 2002 facelift restyling the van.

The Ducato is the most common motorhome base used in Europe, with about two-thirds of motorhomes using it. This has been the case since its release, with the Ducato mk1 being particularly popular as a basis for campervan conversions. It is also an incredibly successful light commercial vehicle, used by businesses and workers around the globe.

The electric version of the Ducato, the e-Ducato, was announced in 2020. It launched with a SolarEdge electric powertrain of either a 47 or 79-kWh battery.

The Fiat Ducato Now

Hitting the market in 2006 was the third generation, which is the current model of the van. Undergoing a series of facelifts in the last ten years, the design has subtly changed and modernised, as well as introducing Euro 6 engines.

The 2021 redesign added innovative features such as adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and autonomous emergency braking, making the vehicle safer and more technologically advanced.

2022 saw a dashboard redesign and a new 948TE nine-speed automatic transmission available. It also received an upgraded engine, a 2.2L turbo diesel branded as the MultiJet3. This engine is designed specifically for commercial vehicles to help increase performance.

It is also the first autonomous driving van on the market, bringing level 2 of autonomous driving to commercial vehicles for the first time. Technology is now at the heart of the van, with an innovative and connected entertainment and information system. As standard, you can have the Uconnect 5” DAB radio. It has features such as advanced voice assistance, Bluetooth audio streaming and hands-free profile management.

Optional features include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a larger 10” display and wireless connection. The cockpit has been designed to offer a wide and clear view of spee and RPM gauges, as well as a digital display for the information you may need while driving.

The Uconnect system allows for seamless connectivity between your vehicle, phone and other network devices. It can provide you with enhanced navigation, information about the vehicle’s health and even fleet management tools.

The Fiat Ducato has an efficient cargo capacity and can carry an incredible amount. It’s also a widely customisable van, so you can find a model that fits your business and exact needs. The van has been designed to bring ultimate comfort while you’re using it, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Van Sales UK sells the 2022 models of the Fiat Ducato, so you know you’ll be getting the best features and most modern design when shopping with us. Read on to find out more about the customisation options and body types available for the Fiat Ducato.

Low Loader

Low loader vans are a type of vehicle designed with loading in mind. They are built on a low chassis, so you can load and unload the vehicle without the need for a tail lift. This makes it easier than ever to transport your goods and is especially useful when moving large quantities or fragile items.

The Fiat Ducato low loader is ideal for removal companies, or those looking to haul a large number of items without needing a tail lift.


A box van is a chassis cab truck which has an enclosed, cube-shaped cargo area. Most of the time the cabin is kept separate from the cargo area, but some vans have a door that goes between them. A Luton body is a variation of a box truck, with the key difference being an enclosed box body that extends over the cab.

It takes its name from, you guessed it, the town of Luton, and was designed to accommodate the high-volume, low-weight loads of straw hats that were made there. While useful for hats, it has now become a common commercial vehicle to be used for a variety of industries, with one of the most popular being household removal companies.

The high load capacity and shape mean large items can be transported with ease. Modern Luton vans are streamlined to reduce wind resistance, and allow the van to still hit efficient speeds even when carrying large amounts of items.

If you’re looking for a quality Luton van for your business, Van Sales UK sells the Fiat Ducato Luton.

Panel Van – Ducato L3H2

A panel van is probably what comes to mind when you think of a typical small van. It is a small cargo vehicle that has space for passengers as well as cargo. They typically have a front bench seat and no side windows, with both rear and side doors being a standard shape.

It’s a great vehicle ideal for small businesses who need to transport small amounts of cargo or tools between places. The Fiat Ducato panel van is highly customisable and you can shop for a number of options today with Van Sales UK.

This consists of a number of different height and length options. The Ducato L3H2 is an extra long vehicle with added height. This makes it perfect for carrying large items or those with an awkward shape. With 5 doors, you can access different parts of the vehicle with ease, meaning even a packed van can be navigated easily.

Apart from the Fiat Ducato L3H2, we also stock the L3H3, L4H2, L2H2 and L4H3, so you can get the length and height you desire.


A dropside van is great for if you need to easily get to the payload. The side’s are hinged, and can be dropped to provide instant access to whatever is stored. Then when you’re done, the sides simply flip back up and can be secured, transforming your van back to the way it was.

The Fiat Ducato is available from Van Sales UK in a dropside body type, featuring a single cab and L2 length configuration.


The final variation of Ducato we are covering in this blog is the tipper. A tipper van is best used for aggregates or other building materials that need moving between locations. The bed of the truck raises, allowing the payload to easily be removed from it. The signal cab Fiat Ducato tipper is available to purchase from Van Sales UK today.

New Van Deals On The Fiat Ducato

Like what you see? Well if you’re in the market to shop for a new Fiat Ducato van for yourself or for your business, work with Van Sales UK today. We stock a great selection of Fiat Ducato models, including the low loader, panel van, dropside, Luton and tipper variations.

You can even shop with us for the Fiat e-Ducato, the electric van variation of the Ducato, available as a panel van, tipper, luton and dropside. We offer competitive prices on all our vehicles, and even offer finance, leasing and part exchange options, so you can get the vehicle you want the way you want it.

Van Sales UK offers free fast delivery all across the UK, and even includes free breakdown cover and a great deal on warranty. So if you’re ready to get started with purchasing your Fiat Ducato, or just want to ask a few more questions, give us a call at 0117 205 0685.


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