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Expand Your Fleet Today With the Peugeot e-Expert Van

August 11th, 2021

Affordable, easy to drive, and good for the environment the Peugeot e-Expert is a great runaround for those looking to expand their fleet. Going electric is a trend that many businesses are following due to the number of benefits including lower running costs and a range of modern features.

Here’s all you need to know about the Peugeot e-Expert van.

What does the spec look like on the Peugeot e-Expert electric van?

The Peugeot Expert van has a wealth of features designed to support your business. A great all-round investment, this model includes top features such as:

  • Automatic transmission
  • 5 door
  • A new road experience with smooth and quiet driving.
  • Available in 3 lengths depending on your needs including Compact, Standard, and Long.
  • Rapid charging in just 30 minutes is ideal for minimising delays.

Why is the Peugeot e-Expert van a good choice for business?

Having a reliable and practical van can make a big difference to your business. The sleek lines of the Peugeot expert van make it a pleasure to drive but furthermore, the range of features meets the needs of many clients such as those making short city trips to drivers carrying heavy loads.

It’s a great choice for business owners for the following reasons:

  • No C02 is emitted while driving which makes the Peugeot e-Expert an environmentally-friendly choice for business.
  • The compact model is great for city driving where quick parking is required.
  • Available in two different battery sizes 50 or 75kWh battery sizes.
  • The ergonomic design with sliding doors bench seat, fold-down writing table, and more makes business on the go that much easier.

This versatile yet practical vehicle is a solid choice for any business fleet. Choose the Peugeot e-Expert today and experience the long list of benefits that come with the vehicle.

At Electric van Sales, we stock a wide range of reliable vans including the electric Peugeot expert. Our professional team understands that every client’s needs are different and that’s why we use your particular requirements to find the best van available.  Plus, choose from various finance options that suit you. Get in touch with us today for more information.


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