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Fiat E-Ducato Dropside vs Maxus E Deliver 9 Dropside

February 16th, 2023

With recent concerns about emissions and the Government making promises to help cut these emissions within the next ten years, there has been a big push on going electric for businesses. It has numerous benefits, such as more efficient driving, fewer emissions and a better company image.

So if you’re a business on the lookout for a new electric van, you’ve come to the right place. Van Sales UK is a reliable stocker of hundreds of electric vehicles at great prices. We know it can be hard to make a decision between vehicles, so this series of blogs pits vans against each other to see which one a customer may prefer. Both are great vans, but you might spot something that pushes one over the edge!

Today we will look at the Fiat E-Ducato Dropside and the Maxus E Deliver 9 Dropside. The Ducato first burst onto the scene in 1981 and has remained an extremely popular van ever since. The E-Ducato was unveiled in 2019, taking the popular van and adding an electric battery engine instead.

The Maxus Deliver 9 is a relatively new vehicle in general, first hitting the streets in 2019 to try and replace the LDV Maxus. As well as this diesel version, there is a fully automatic electric motor option, the Maxus E Deliver 9.

Here is a comparison of some of the features both vans have.

Engines and Spec

The Maxus E Deliver 9 impresses due to the maximum driving range of 219 miles per charge. Compared to some electric vehicles which struggle to reach 100 miles, this van has a significant advantage. It reaches this range using its 150kW engine, capable of producing 310 Nm of torque for a powerful drive.

You have three battery options to choose from, which can affect the maximum payload of the vehicle. The 53kWh has a maximum payload of 1200kg, while the 72 kWh can carry 1020kg and 860kg for the 89kWh model. You can reach the 219-mile range with the higher battery, while the two smaller ones will see this range decrease.

In contrast, the Fiat E-Ducato will be able to deliver an impressive range of 175 miles per charge. As mentioned in our previous review, it has three selectable driving modes for you to choose from. Normal is great for daily driving, while Power is great for when you’re carrying a heavy payload or faced with a steep hill. If you want to make the most of your range, switching to Eco is the best option to do so. It also has great regenerative braking, which recovers energy as you slow down to increase your driving efficiency.


The Fiat E-Ducato Dropside is quite similar to the regular Ducato, but with a few great new features. It has plenty of storage and a comfortable seat to drive in, as well as easy-to-read dials and battery information. It adds new safety features not present in the regular Ducato such as a rear cross-path detection system and blindspot assistance. It comes in two trim levels, with the standard features being climate control and a rear camera with parking sensors. It also has an infotainment touchscreen built in, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

We love the modern interior of the Maxus E Deliver 9, with plenty of black plastic and chrome for a sleek effect. It has a large infotainment screen, perfect for those who want to play music or see directions easily. As mentioned in our previous review of the E Deliver 9, the driver’s seat is comfortable and comes with a built-in armrest, meaning it is ideal for long drives. There is a great field of vision, with large mirrors, front & rear sensors and a reverse camera helping you to navigate with ease.

The Verdict

If you’re looking to purchase either van, work with the team at Van Sales UK to get a great deal on your new electric van. We have the Maxus e-Deliver 9 Dropside available to buy today, as well as Luton, panel van and tipper options to suit your needs. You can also get the Fiat E-Ducato Dropside now at a great price, also available as a panel van, Luton or tipper.

Why shop with Van Sales UK? As well as great deals on all of our vehicles, we also offer free delivery nationwide and free breakdown cover to all of our customers. Are you concerned about the price? You don’t have to worry, with a range of payment options available, including competitive finance rates and part exchanges welcome.

So if you’re interested in either van or have any more questions you’d like answered, give us a call today at 0117 205 1739.


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