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Fiat E-Ducato Dropside vs Mercedes Benz eSprinter Dropside

March 1st, 2023

Dropside vans are some of the most durable vans on the market, and are able to take high payloads and cater to a wide range of businesses. Not only can you open and drop the vehicle’s side and tailboards to allow for easy loading, a Dropside’s open flatbed body allows for easy access for forklift trucks. These vehicles tend to be popular with construction and scaffolding companies as they make it easier for carrying bricks and heavy metals such as scaffolding poles. Now available as eco-friendly electric models, here are two excellent Dropside vehicles from leading brands Fiat and Mercedes for comparison.

Equipped with multiple load securing points, the Mercedes Benz eSprinter Dropside is functional and easy to navigate as well as being remarkably usable for construction or landscaping tasks. The Mercedes-Benz eSprinter debuted in 2019, available in a wide range of body sizes and variants, and clearly has no trouble competing with similar large electric dropside vans. For an in-depth look at this van, read our full review here.

Also available in a wide range of body sizes and variants, the Fiat-E-Ducato Dropside comes loaded with benefits, including high payload ratings and an impressive driving range which is up to 175 miles per charge. You can buy the Fiat E-Ducato Dropside as a panel van, chassis cab, dropside and as a passenger carrier/minibus. For an indepth look at this commercial vehicle from Fiat, read our full review here.

Engines and Spec

At 55kWh, the battery of the Mercedes Benz eSprinter certainly isn’t groundbreakingly large, but there’s no doubt it gets the job done. As is the case with most large electric vehicles, the surge of power doesn’t quite match that of smaller models, but that doesn’t detract from the eSprinter Dropside packing a little punch when it comes to torque. A full charge from a mains outlet will take about 8 hours or a fast charge option takes up to 80% in under 30 minutes, ideal for a quick pit stop between jobs.

With a maximum payload weight of just 774 kg, the van lacks a little compared to other electric vehicle offerings. The range of up to 96 miles on full charge makes it the perfect choice for town and city driving, but not great for longer journeys. However if you’re in the market for a dropside vehicle, you’re likely to be making frequent trips to the builders’ yard or the tip, in which case this could be a good choice.

By contrast the Fiat E-Ducato has a whopping 1,885kg maximum payload for the even the smallest 4,250kg panel van with the smallest battery pack – a higher payload than any other large electric van currently on sale.

Additionally this model has an impressive driving range which is up to 175 miles per charge. The balanced steering combined with a lower centre of gravity gives great road handling. Power is in good supply, and the 121 bhp motor gives it a decent turn of speed and 207 lb-ft of torque.

This vehicle comes with three selectable driving modes, a special automatic ‘Turtle’ mode should that battery life become critical and regenerative braking. The selectable driving modes are split between Normal, Power and Eco and the regenerative braking (which recovers energy as you slow down) is effective but not intrusive.


Practical and robust, the Fiat E-Ducato Dropside offers plenty of storage and a comfortable drive. There is a good sized glove box with a tablet computer holder and extra cup holders. The dials are easy to read and battery information is clearly displayed on a well placed screen.

The E-Ducato comes with two trim levels, standard and eTechnico. Standard features include climate control, a rearview camera with parking sensors and a 7.0-inch infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

As you would expect, the sSprinter benefits from the quality you would expect from a Mercedes interior. Well-built and spacious, the interior has adjustable seats, ample storage, great accessibility and a neatly designed dashboard that doesn’t intrude on legroom.

Aside from the DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity, there’s not much in the way of entertainment. However, if a well-designed, high-quality cab is what you’re after, the eSprinter is an excellent choice. It does what’s required from a commercial van and does it to a high standard.

The Verdict

As electric vehicles continue to galvanise the market, there is no denying that vans such as the E-Ducato and eSprinter will be staples of the Dropside market.

While the eSprinter may lack in payload capacity and range, it excels in terms of comfort and space. While it may not be the ideal choice for long journeys and transporting heavy cargo, it’s perfect for shorter trips and town driving.

On the other hand the E-Ducato is a serious Dropside workhorse, with large payload and great range making it better suited for longer journeys with heavier loads.

Here at Van Sales UK, we’re pleased to offer our customers an extensive range of new and used electric vans including the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Dropside model, available for £499 + VAT per month. Alternatively, the Fiat E-Ducato Dropside can be purchased from Van Sales Uk for £369 + VAT.

It can be expensive to purchase a new van electric outright, despite longer term lower running costs. Van Sales UK offers leasing and financing options to help you get the van you need. To discuss this, or any of our other vans, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Call us now on 0117 428 7721 or send an email to


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