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Fiat E-Ducato Dropside vs Volkswagen E-Crafter Dropside

March 1st, 2023

With sustainability at the forefront of discussion, it’s no wonder so many businesses are turning their attention towards greener methods of transportation. From sole traders to multinational corporations, many professionals are switching their diesel vans for all-electric alternatives. Whether you’re a labourer, a sparky, a landscaper or a removal specialist, there are seemingly endless options when it comes to choosing the right electric vehicle for your business.

Those on the hunt for practicality, storage space and easy loading/unloading will most certainly have their eye on a dropside model. With a flatbed chassis, easy access and an abundance of practical features, this type of van is a professional’s best friend.

That said, choosing the right van for you can be tricky. There are so many brilliant vehicles to choose from, each with its own set of features and benefits. Fortunately, we’re here to make life a little easier. In the following review, we’ll compare two brilliant dropside vans. Read on to discover our thoughts on the engines, specifications and interiors of the Fiat E-Ducato Dropside and Volkswagen E-Crafter Dropside.

Engines and Spec

Let’s dive straight in and take a look at the technology that powers each of these vans. Of course, as both the Fiat E-Ducato Dropside and the Volkswagen E-Crafter Dropside are electric, neither has an engine. Instead, they contain an electric motor and lithium-ion battery.

Firstly, it is worth noting that the Fiat e-Ducato Dropside is powered by an impressive 121bhp motor, providing instant torque and enough drive to handle full loads with ease. What’s more, drivers of the E-ducato are able to switch between Normal, Power and Eco driving modes. As their names suggest, these modes are designed to handle everyday trips, take care of heavy payloads and give a little extra driving range. Those looking for a reliable van with plenty of power will be well suited to the E-Ducato; it is especially adept at handling inner-city environments and built-up urban areas. If that doesn’t convince you, the E-Duato also boasts a 175 mile range, putting it up there with the very best electric vans.

So, how does the Volkswagen E-Crafter compare? There’s no denying that Volkswagen have earned a reputation for excellence within the commercial vehicle industry; this dropside electric van is no exception. Though this van comes in slightly behind the E-Ducato in terms of range, with a capacity of 107 miles, it is still a perfect choice for city driving and urban navigation. That said, the 35kWh lithium-ion battery is well-suited to on the go charging and can reach 80% capacity in just 40 minutes.


With a better idea of the battery, range and specifications of each van, let’s take a look at their cabs. Both the Fiat E-Ducato Dropside and Volkswagen E-Crafter Dropside feature well-designed interior spaces with plenty of room and necessary tech, though they also differ in many ways.

The E-Ducato offers a robust, well-built interior with a multitude of storage compartments, glove boxes and cup holders. It is clear that practicality is the priority, though it does not feel cheap or clinical. In terms of technology, Fiat have kitted this van out with an infotainment system complete with smartphone connectivity as well as a separate display for battery life and charge capacity.

That said, there’s plenty to love about the E-Crafter, including its abundance of tech and safety features. These include a large infotainment screen, park assist, post-collision braking, lane keeping assist and trailer assist. What’s more, comfort and visibility is guaranteed thanks to the heated windscreen, steering wheel and seats!

The Verdict

Placing these brilliant vans head to head shows just how much each has to offer. Both the Fiat E-Ducato Dropside and the Volkswagen E-Crafter Dropside boast a range of all-electric benefits, including a sizable dropside chassis, comfortable interior design and a plethora of in-cab tech. That said, there is no definitive answer to the question ‘which is best?’. This depends entirely on personal preference and intended use.

Those looking to squeeze a little extra range out of their van would be better suited to the Fiat E-Ducato Dropside; 175 miles on a single charge is seriously impressive. However, the Volkswagen E-Crafter Dropside has a flawless cab, complete with numerous comfort and safety features. This may be a finer choice for those looking to work from their van and spend a little more time up front.

Hopefully, this comparison has provided a little insight into each of these electric vans. If you’re still unsure though, don’t worry. Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to talk through your requirements and point you in the right direction.


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