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Fiat E-Ducato Electric Luton Review

December 22nd, 2022

The Fiat E-Ducato Luton at a glance

As far as practical vans are concerned, the Fiat E-Ducato Luton boasts storage, range and efficiency in abundance. There is no denying that this van puts up a good fight against the majority of the competition and, although it has its quirks, it should be seriously considered as a go-to vehicle for tradespeople of all kinds.

As the all-electric version of Fiat’s already popular Ducato van, the E-Ducato Luton has a reputation to live up to. Fortunately, it doesn’t disappoint and, despite a higher up-front price tag than certain competitors, low running costs, high payload and seriously impressive battery range make it all the more appealing.

Below, we’ll share our thoughts on this electric van’s technical specifications, payload capabilities, economy and more. Read on to discover all that the Fiat E-Ducato Luton has to offer.

Engines and Spec

First things first, let’s look at the engine, or rather, the battery. Though E-Ducato buyers are faced with a number of choices regarding body type, trim and vehicle length, Fiat have kept it simple regarding the battery and motor.  Below the bonnet,  Fiat offers a choice of two battery sizes, 47kWh and 79kWh, both powered by the same 90kWh electric motor. This equates to about 122bhp, more than enough for trips around town or city driving, but limits the van to around 60mph, less than ideal for long journeys on motorways.

Though the E-Ducato may not have the top speed of its diesel rivals, it does offer a zippy 280 Nm of instant torque. This makes it a great choice for tradespeople who find themself frequently navigating urban environments and town driving.

What’s more, E-Ducato drivers will benefit from a selection of 3 driving modes, each designed to manage battery life and optimise performance. We’re definitely fans of the power mode, designed to provide a little extra muscle for heavier payloads, and the eco mode makes longer trips much more efficient.

Payload and Storage

Those on a quest for practical storage, load space and high payload will certainly be impressed by the E-Ducato Luton’s capabilities. Across the range, the E-Ducato boasts a maximum payload of 1,885kg, rivalling some of the very best on the large van market today. This, combined with easy loading and unloading via the rear doors and the classic over-cab Luton storage make it an ideal vehicle for removals, deliveries and bulky goods transportation.


When it comes to the E-Ducato’s interior, it is not too dissimilar from the regular Ducato, though there are a few differences worth noting. Those familiar with the Ducato’s durable design and practical approach will be pleased to know this hasn’t been discarded, so long days on the road, frequent trips and internal bumps are no problem at all. The cab features a multitude of storage space as well as tough flooring and footrests for comfort.

Regarding tech and entertainment, all variations of the E-Ducato are kitted out with touchscreen infotainment systems, with the eTecnico variant also boasting a rear-view camera, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and sat-nav.

The E-Ducato’s instrument panel has been adjusted to incorporate important information such as battery charge and range but is otherwise the same as the regular diesel model. Where the E-Ducato does vary, however, is the addition of a small ‘Mopar Connect’ screen above the driver’s side dashboard.

Pros & Cons


  • Impressive Range
  • High Payload
  • Low Running Costs


  • High Up-Front Cost
  • Lower Top-Speed Than Certain Competitors

The Verdict

Overall, the Fiat E-Ducato Luton offers an awful lot for a large electric van. From its impressive payload to practical design and in-cab tech, it’s an attractive choice for those on the hunt for a balance of functionality and comfort. Though it may not boast an exceptional top speed, the battery life and running costs make it a sure choice for inner-city driving and day-to-day trips. What’s more, with low-emission and green zones becoming common in cities all over the country, the E-Ducato is a perfect choice for those looking to avoid congestion charges and emission fees.

To discover all that the Fiat E-Ducato Luton has to offer, get in touch with a member of our expert team. We’re always more than happy to discuss our range and point you in the right direction.

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