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Fiat E-Ducato Luton vs Renault Master Z.E. Luton

February 23rd, 2023

There is no doubt that electric cars are now competent vehicles. After all, the last two decades have seen an incredible increase in electric technology, which has now transferred to our vehicle market. Of course, we first had electric cars as brands such as Tesla and Audi pioneered the technology. At first, these cars were clunky and a touch impractical. After a few years, though, they had soon become both economical and reliable and quickly began to take the car market by storm. Nowadays, the roads are filled with electric cars and almost every large car brand has an electric range. It was only a matter of time then, before vans followed.

Much like cars, the beginning of the van revolution did take a while to truly kick off, and it’s fairly understandable to see why. First of all, vans are much heavier than your average car, meaning the energy required to move them on the roads must be more as well. Then you have the weight which these vans must be able to handle and after all of that, you have their range capabilities to battle with. It’s no wonder really then that it took a while for the big van manufacturers to really nail the electric models. After some persistence though, electric vans are now here and they’re pretty good as well.

Two of the shining stars in this new but successful market are the Fiat E-Ducato Luton and the Renault Master Z.E. Luton. Ten years ago it would have seemed almost impossible that we would have had a series of genuinely practical electric Luton vans on the market. After all, these large payload vehicles require a huge amount of energy to get them moving. Now though, it is not just possible, but it’s a reality and these two vans are some of the very best. So between these two fantastic vehicles, which is better? The Fiat E-Ducato Luton or the Renault Master Z.E. Luton? Check out this blog to find out more!

Engines and Spec

Before we get started on the juicy facts and figures, it might be important to mention a few things first. These two vans really are incredible vehicles and electric power is now as good, if not better, than traditional diesel engines. One of the reasons for this is the instant torque which electric motors produce. Torque is one of the most vital aspects of vans, as this is the force that allows the vehicles to pull such heavy loads. With a standard diesel variant, the torque is transferred to the wheels fairly slowly. However, an electric model transfers this force into your wheels almost instantly.

So, what about the Fiat? Well, the van comes fitted with a 90 kWh motor which is incredibly powerful for its size. The motor kicks out a commendable 122bhp and 280 Nm of torque. These figures are highly impressive for a van and they’ll certainly ensure that you can get from A to B easily.

As for the Renault Master, this van is also incredibly powerful. However, the true strength of the Master comes in the form of its range. The van can manage a commendable 126 miles on a single charge, which should be more than enough for your daily commute and everything in between. For a large payload electric van, these figures are extremely impressive.


Of course, as you might expect, the interiors of both these vans are pretty much impeccable. They are both modern spaces which feel comfortable and well thought through, which is vital when it comes to a van. After all, you’ll likely be spending a lot of time behind the wheel, so you’ll need to ensure that it is well thought through and easy to navigate. What’s more, both of these vehicles have incredible storage, so you can have room to put all of your tools and any other equipment you need for your day-to-day life.

The Verdict

There is no question that both of these vans really are some of the best examples of an electric large payload van on the market. They are both well-designed and have plenty of power to get you to where you need to be with ease. Of course, there are a few things which split them apart. The Fiat’s power, for example, is incredible and if you need a vehicle that can handle some heavy loads, then this is the one to go for. However, we would be doing the Renault a disservice if we didn’t mention its range.

Whichever van you go for, we can certainly help. We have a large variety of vans available, so we can definitely help you find the best vehicle for you. So, get in touch with us today!


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