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Fiat E-Ducato Luton vs Vauxhall Movano-e Luton

March 24th, 2023

There is now no question that electric cars and vehicles are on the brink of becoming the most popular modes of personal transport in the world. Clearly, this is thanks to over a decade of consistent investment from the giants of the vehicular world and pressure from environmental activists. The fact is that this pressure and investment has worked. The streets are now filled with fully electric vehicles and the infrastructure is starting to improve as well. Just take a look at motorway services, for example, a quick drive through the car park and you’ll quickly notice the lines of parked electric vehicles hooked up to state-of-the-art fast chargers.

So, what about the facts? Well, a quick look at the statistics around electric vehicles will only support this argument further. There are currently just over 693,000 electric cars in the UK, which might seem like a fairly small number. However, compare that with the 30,000 electric cars in 2016 and the exponential increase becomes staggering. In fact, electric cars now hold over 21% of the market share in the UK. So, when we turn our attention to electric vans, the story only continues to favour the electric revolution. There are just under 37,000 battery electric vans registered in the country at the moment compared with 5,000 just three years ago in 2020.

Now, when it comes to a revolution, you always need a few key players that are willing to risk a little in order to see huge gains. Take Brunel in the 19th century, for example. Just as the industrial revolution was hitting its peak, Brunel embarked on some of the most audacious projects in the history of the nation. His reward? An immortal place in the history books, of course. There are many manufacturers in the vehicular world which are trying to push the technology forward and two of the main players are Fiat and Vauxhall. Recently, the two have pushed into the electric van market, but how good are they? Find out in this quick blog.

Engines and Spec

The real strength of electric motors is their torque. Torque is essentially the force which turns the power of the engine into genuine forward motion. So, for large payload vehicles like Luton vans, torque is undoubtedly essential. Both the Fiat and the Vauxhall have incredible torque statistics, but how do they compare in detail when it comes to their electric motors?

It is, in fact, quite staggering how similar these two vans are when it comes to their power statistics. Both of the vans produce around 122 hp with the fiat just winning the torque statistic battle with 280 Nm in comparison to the Vauxhall’s 260.

The Vauxhall’s motor is famed for its reliability, which naturally becomes extremely important with vans. After all, there’s no doubt that you will need to be commuting large distances on a very regular basis and the last thing you need is an unreliable vehicle.

As for the fiat, its strength lies in its driving modes. The van features three modes with each one designed to increase the range of the battery mode. As you increase the mode to lengthen the range, the motor reduces some of its power capabilities to enhance the range.


As you might expect from two state-of-the-art modern vans, both the Fiat and the Vauxhall have brilliant interiors. They are packed with extremely high-quality storage options and some brilliant technology too.

The fiat has a few areas of particular strength when it comes to the interior. One of the first is the van’s overall ride. When you sit in the cab of the E-Ducato, you could well be fooled into thinking you were in a car. The ride is that great. It feels smooth and well-designed, which is great news for van drivers who often find themselves on long road trips or regular commutes.

As for the Movano-e, this van also has a few interior tricks up its sleeve. In particular, it is well known for having plenty in the way of quality secure storage. So you will have more than enough space to keep your technology and tools safe when you leave the van unattended for a little while.

The Verdict

Naturally, both of these vans are extremely capable and undoubtedly the cutting edge of modern electric technology. So, you are certainly in safe hands, no matter which vehicle you choose. Though one thing is for sure, whether it’s the powerful Fiat E-Ducato or the storage-heavy Movano-e, here at Van Sales UK, we can help. So, make sure you get in contact with us today to find out more!


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