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Fiat e-Ducato Overview

January 4th, 2022

Looking for a large electric van? Italian car manufacturer Fiat introduced their first large electric van in 2021, with the Fiat e-Ducato, a smart, rangy, eco-friendly alternative to the conventional diesel alternative. Available in two different specifications, with varying battery capacities, ranges and pricing, we provide an overview of the new all-electric Fiat e-Ducato to provide a clear understanding of the essential advantages or potential drawbacks:

What’s included in the Fiat e-Ducato Spec?

Available with a 47 kWh or 79 kWh battery specification, for a claimed range of either 146 or 230 miles between charges respectively,  the new all-electric Fiat e-Ducato is powered via a single motor that produces 121 bhp or 280 Nm of torque. With unique specifications in size, power and configuration, the Fiat e-Ducato is available as a panel-van, chassis-cab and passenger minibus version, much like the traditional diesel counterpart.

The Ducato electric van is available in three different heights, (5413, 5998, or 6363mm), body lengths, (5413, 5998 or 4035mm) and wheelbase lengths, (3450, 3800, or 4035mm), with load volumes ranging between 10 and 17 cubic metres. Add that to the maximum payload of 1885kg for all versions, the Fiat e-Ducato is a large electric van for any requirement.

The Cost

With varying specifications, comes a varying price. The new all-electric Fiat e-Ducato, is, as suggested, available in two different versions, with the asking price for the entry-level panel van with a 47kwh battery starting from £47,675. If you’re planning on purchasing the enhanced 79kWh battery version, you’re looking at an additional £15,000 all-in.

Charging Times

When it comes to charging, the Fiat e-Ducato electric van can be powered by a wall box or an external outlet, as well as having essential fast charging capabilities. For the 47kWh model, a Fiat e-Ducato electric van will typically have a range of around 146 miles between charging, with a wall box charging time of 4hrs 50mins (0-100%, 11kWh), and a rapid charging time of 50 mins (0-80%, 50kWh).


Almost identical to the diesel model, the all-electric Fiat e-Ducato is a modern, stylish design with the same carrying capacity as its diesel-powered counterpart. This is achieved by cleverly placing the battery pack under the floor, with the electric motor occupying the space in which the combustion engine would typically be found, meaning the shape and style doesn’t need to be altered to make space for additional components. The Fiat e-Ducato electric van is fitted with 270° opening rear doors,  a sliding side door and several anchor points in the cargo area to ensure it is both well-designed and entirely practical.

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