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Fiat E-Ducato Electric Van Review

December 6th, 2022

The Fiat E-Ducato Van at a glance

Introducing the Fiat E-Ducato van, an all-electric version of the long-established diesel-powered counterpart, the Fiat Ducato large van.

As with its diesel-powered counterpart, this electric vehicle is available in a wide range of body sizes and variants along with a wide driving range and an impressive payload.

The regular Ducato van was updated in 2021, but this electrified version is built using the pre-facelift vehicle as a base. It goes a stage further than some ‘one size fits all’ rivals because it’s available in several sizes with a choice of wheelbase options. You can have chassis cab and minibus versions, as well as the large van set-up.

Like all electric vans, the Fiat E-Ducato van is rather expensive to buy outright. However, its running costs are potentially very low, and the amount of choice Fiat offers in the specification means you should be able to get a version that perfectly fits your requirements.

The Fiat e-Ducato L4 H2 Electric Panel van is available on Van Sales UK for £319 + VAT with a 3-year warranty and free breakdown cover.

Keep reading to hear our thoughts on the engines and specs and interior design of the popular Fiat E-Ducato van.

Engines and Spec

The Fiat E-Ducato is just as dynamic as a Transit and as comfortable as a Sprinter, making it a strong and powerful combination.

The electric motor makes for a smooth, easy-going and quiet driving experience. It’s not just quiet when compared with a diesel van, but by electric van standards too.

The E-Ducato is available with either a 47kWh battery pack or a 79kWh one. The smaller battery has a shorter range (up to 146 miles officially) but frees up payload space. If you’re willing to sacrifice some load-lugging volume to make way for a bigger battery, you get an official range of up to 230 miles.

While big vans can often feel unruly when lightly loaded, the weight of the battery in the Fiat E-Ducato van helps to improve ride comfortability.

There are three driving modes to allow you to alter the way the E-Ducato drives. Normal mode is best for everyday use, Eco limits how much power you can use to increase the range and Power mode is best suited for heavy loads. When the battery is low, a ‘turtle’ mode kicks in to help eke out the remaining charge which you find somewhere to top up.


The interior of the Fiat E-Ducato van is very similar to the standard Ducato but with some subtle twists. The interior is much tougher and more practical rather than plush, with plenty of storage options available around the cab.

There are two trim levels: standard and eTechnico, both of which come with a built-in touchscreen infotainment system, though the eTechnico’s is a 7-inch unit rather than a 5 inch and includes extras such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and satellite navigation – not to mention a rear-view camera.

The standard kit also includes automatic climate control, a tablet holder, a USB port, heated mirrors, an affixed full-width steel bulkhead, LED lighting in the load area and twin-leaf fear suspension.

While the plastics used in the E-Ducato aren’t as luxurious as the diesel model, the interior doesn’t feel forced or cheap.

The driving position and visibility are good, the dials are easy to read and all your battery information is shown on a handy little screen mounted on the A-pillar.

Pros & Cons


  • High payload

  • Available in lots of variants

  • Impressive driving range


  • Limited top speed

  • Expensive to buy

  • Not as powerful as competitors

The Verdict

Overall, the Fiat E-Ducato van is bursting with impressive features, making it a highly-sought after van in the electric van market.

With a range of body sizes and variants, there is something to suit everyone’s individual requirements.

While the price of electric vans is always a key factor to consider, this van does offer impressive payloads and other features which make it worth the price.

Not only this, but the Fiat E-Ducato van delivers a quiet and comfortable drive along with tough, practical interiors with plenty of storage space.

The two trim levels Standard and eTechnico both offer a range of features including a touchscreen infotainment screen, climate control, heated mirrors and more.

The Fiat e-Ducato L4 H2 Electric Panel van is available on Van Sales UK for £319 + VAT with a 3-year warranty and free breakdown cover.

If you are looking to find out more about what the Fiat E-Ducato van has to offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team here at Van Sales UK today. We are always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have and point you in the right direction to finding your dream van.


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