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Fiat Fiorino Van Review

Fiat Fiorino Review
November 17th, 2022

The Fiorino is currently Fiat’s smallest van in production and is designed to fit comfortably into the city lifestyle. Despite the van’s modest size it actually has an impressive payload along with a practical and well-designed cab. These qualities are usually paired with the larger vans of the world such as Fiat’s own Doblo and Ducato. However, what stands the Fiorino apart from other smaller vans is instead of basing the van around a car’s chassis, Fiat has used a new van design. This means the Fiorino is purpose-built for the task at hand.

The van’s custom-built shape and design along with FIat’s exceptional van-building track record mean it’s a sure pick for all those who need a compact and capable van. It goes without saying really that this Fiat van has superb running costs. The eco engine can produce a brilliant 60mpg.

Engines and Spec

Fiat has been producing the Fiorino for some time now and the engine for this van is no different. The Italian brand brought the engine out in early 2003 and since then it’s featured in many smaller vehicles in Fiat’s line. The engine comes in two separate power formats, an 80hp option and a 95hp option. At first glance, you might think these power options wouldn’t be enough to power a tradesman’s van. However, the Fiorino has such a small footprint that 80hp provides more than enough power and torque to make the van shift when it needs to.

Aside from an extremely capable and fuel-efficient engine the Fiorino also comes with a variety of other specifications that make it a commendable option. Fiat has fitted the 2022 van with air-conditioning and reverse parking sensors which add a sense of quality to the cab. What’s more, if you upgrade to the top end of the van’s spec you can have cruise control, front fog lights, and even alloy wheels. So, make no mistake, the Fiat can bring a sense of luxury to your daily commute.


One of the very best features of the Fiorino is its interior. Despite Fiat breaking from the mould in terms of chassis production the van is still incredibly comfortable. The Fiorino has a fairly small footprint and yet all the models come with MP3 compatibility and a driver’s side armrest. If you upgrade to a slightly higher-spec model you can also have a 5.0-inch touchscreen radio with Bluetooth technology and eclectic windows and mirrors.

It’s safe to say the inside of the Fiorino is as good as many modern cars and the comfort of both the ride and steering position make it more than adequate for a working van. We’re sure if you’ve spent just a brief amount of time in a smaller-size van you’ve experienced the discomfort that comes with a narrow cabin. You would find no such discomfort in the Fiorino however as the inside of the van really feels just like a car.

Pros & Cons


  • Fuel Economy
  • Purpose-built
  • Functional cabin


  • Fairly poor ride
  • Limited range
  • Relatively small payload

The Verdict

The Fiorino is popular for a reason. It’s reasonably priced, purpose-built, and incredibly cheap on fuel. There’s no doubt that if you’re a tradesman that completes a lot of jobs in towns or cities then this van would be perfect for your needs. Its compact size makes it a breeze to park and great for getting up those narrow streets. As for prices, Fiat delivers on that one as well. The Fiorino starts at a reasonable price in comparison to many of its competitors while providing almost the exact same spec.

It’s not just price and practicality with Fiat though, The fiorino is a more than capable van as it can fit a standard Euro palette and still have room for a bit extra inside. What’s more, it drives like a car and gives both the drivers and the passengers a smooth and comfortable experience. If the Fiorino sounds like the right van for you, contact us today and speak with our friendly advisors.


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