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Fiat Fiorino Van Review

June 1st, 2023

The Fiat Fiorino at a glance

Fiat’s Fiorino van has gained a lot of popularity, with its petite body and shape, it’s a great combination of practicality and fun. While you may think its size is a disadvantage, the Fiorino is actually a versatile and hardworking van. It makes a good alternative to car-derived vans such as the Ford Fiesta van and definitely benefits from Fiat’s experience in building excellent cars for cities and commercial trades.

Despite its limited payload, the Fiat Fiorino has a range of features that make it a brilliant van to drive. Smaller vans tend to have a two-box layout, with the cab and the loading area. This is a relatively basic layout in comparison to some of the other, more modern and bigger vans on the market. However, for local delivery services, the Fiorino is ideal. Perfect for driving in busy areas, and cities, this petite van could be your next purchase. Keep reading to find out more about the Fiat Fiorino and find out if it’s right for you and your business.

Engines and Spec

When it comes to the engine of the Fiat Fiorino, you are looking at a 1.3 litre diesel engine, giving you about 80 – 95 horsepower. It may not sound like a lot, but for zipping around the city or making those shorter trips, it’s got plenty of power! The engine is quiet, refined and leaves you with a light and easy van to drive. Its petite body also makes it a simple vehicle to park with no need to worry about getting into tighter spaces.

The payload of the Fiorino is 610 kg, which seems small in comparison to bigger and more industrial vans. However, for a van of its size, the payload is pretty generous. Giving you plenty of room for your cargo, and if you are driving in the inner city, carrying out deliveries, you will have plenty of space in the back of the Fiorino.


The interior of the Fiat Fiorino has a well laid-out cabin and has good quality materials. The layout is also simple and easy to operate. With a nice, high-set stereo, you also have climate controls and a manual gear stick on the centre console. These features are all easy to function and clearly visible. The dials and gauges are also easy to interpret.

Comfort has definitely been thought out in the Fiat Fiorino, with plenty of adjustability settings for your seat and steering wheel. For a smaller van, the Fiorino also has an unexpected amount of elbow room, so you can feel comfortable no matter how long you are driving for.

A handy feature of the Fiorino is the generous storage space. There is a lot of storage in the interior of the van, with a deep glove box and good-sized door pockets, perfect for storing bits and pieces. On top of the dashboard and centre console you also have a sloped area which is perfect for documents and other bits and bobs you need to keep to hand.

Despite all of these great storage compartments, the Fiorino is lacking slightly when it comes to cupholders, and a safe place for your smartphone. The screen in the van is relatively small, and you may want to have a phone mount for your smartphone and a USB cable.

Pros & Cons

The Fiat Fiorino has a range of both pros and cons:


  • Simple and fun to drive
  • Surprising amounts of cabin space
  • A cost-effective van to own (cheap to buy and to run)


  • Not as modern as other vans on the market
  • Potentially suffers from suspension problems
  • Little separation between the cab and loading compartment

The Verdict

Overall, the Fiat Fiorino is a zippy little number, which is great for city driving and making deliveries in smaller areas. With Electronic Stability Control and an Anti-Lock Braking System, the Fiorino also considers safety. You can always opt for reverse parking sensors, cruise control and air conditioning to make your driving even more convenient day to day.

If you are looking for a van on the smaller and cheaper side, the Fiat Fiorino could be just the right choice for you or your business. Perfect for the city, and simple to operate, it is a solid choice for your next vehicle.

If you are interested in the Fiat Fiorino, or want to look at our range of other vans, feel free to check out our website, or get in touch with us today. Here at Van Sales UK, we will be happy to help you find the perfect vehicle and give you our expert advice.


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