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Fiat Scudo Review

June 1st, 2023

The Fiat Scudo at a glance

Fiat has one of the largest and most impressive ranges of vans on the market today and the all-new Scudo is just another link in the brand’s unwavering armour. Vans need to be capable, they must have power and they must be able to store a generous amount of materials. Well, with the Scudo, this is exactly what you get, which makes it the perfect all-purpose vehicle. The new Scudo now has a brilliant engine and a chassis that can match this. So, what are the specifications of this new van and which career is best suited for?

There is no question that the Scudo is the perfect fit for plumbers, joiners, and engineers. As this blog progresses, this will become more and more clear, but the van is also a great choice for many other professions. This is the great thing about the Scudo because it is so capable it will just about do anything. Though how does this capable van fare when it comes to its engine and performance statistics? Well, keep reading this blog to find out about that and much more!

Engines and Spec

Fiat engines have a brilliant reputation for both reliability and economic value. These days fuel is becoming more and more expensive and running a van, or any vehicle for that matter, is a challenging task. This is why it has never been more important to purchase vehicles which truly stack up well when it comes to their fuel efficiency. Of course, there are other factors that come into play when it comes to vans, but fuel efficiency is certainly one of the top priorities. So, what are the specifications like for the Scudo and will it be a good fit as your next van?

The Scudo comes with two different engine sizes. There is the 1.5-litre option and then the 2-litre variant. The former of these two options comes with two separate horsepower capabilities of 100 and 120 hp. While the latter of these engine sizes boasts 145 and 180hp options. You may well think that 100 horsepower for the least powerful option won’t be enough to carry your equipment. Though this van is surprisingly quick considering the size of its engine and considering the economic benefits, you should definitely consider it. So, what about the interior? How does this van fare when you take a critic’s eye inside the vehicle?


Van’s interior is one of the most important aspects and especially if you are using the vehicle for work purposes. As we have previously mentioned, this van is a perfect fit for roles such as joinery and plumbing, but why is this? With roles such as these, you need plenty of space in the rear of the van to store equipment and tools. Though you also need a storage option in the main cab and brilliant driving and seating positions. All of this means that finding a van that ticks all of these boxes while being economical and well-powered can be extremely challenging. So, keep reading this section to find out why the Scudo is such a great van.

The rear section of the Scudo is incredibly impressive. There is plenty of space and the van can handle a good deal of payload here. This will mean that no matter what job you have, you will be able to store tools and equipment in the back of this van with no problems at all. As for the driving cab, the Scudo also shines here. The driving position is a particular highlight, with little in the way of blind spots and a great deal of visibility. This is, of course, vital as you will need to be doing plenty of miles for your job.

Pros & Cons


  • Plenty of engine options
  • Great interior
  • Economical variants


  • Safety equipment slightly lacking
  • Fairly expensive
  • Difficult to get hold of

The Verdict

Critically, the Scudo is a great van for those working in the carpentry or plumbing industry. The vehicle has plenty of storage, is fairly affordable to run and boasts an up-to-date design. Here at Van Sales UK, we have no doubt that this van will stand you in good stead for the future and act as a great workhorse for your business.

So, if you need any advice on your next vehicle, then make sure you contact us today. We have many years of experience in the van market and can certainly help you with finding the perfect vehicle for you. What’s more, our staff are incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly, so they would love to chat with you about your options.


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