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Fiat Talento Van Review

June 1st, 2023

The Fiat Talento Van at a glance

The Fiat Talento is a perfect example of a van made for the world of work, where its cost efficient engine, spacious interior and practical cab area are all designed to support your business. Providing a smooth and safe driving experience, this medium-sized van is ideal for both long distance transportation and the navigation of suburban areas.

First released by Fiat Professional in 2016, this van has become a popular choice in the transportation sector due to its durability and driving comfort. A plethora of customisation options also means that you can adapt this van to suit your particular workplace needs. Available in both the Platform and Crew Cab variations, the Fiat Talento is here to stay as a top choice for plumbers, carpenters and couriers alike.

Engines and Spec

Fitted with a four-cylinder 2.0 litre diesel engine, the Fiat Talento is equipped to provide a smooth and relatively fuel efficient drive. Drivers can choose from a 120 hp or 145 hp engine depending on their transportation needs, with an average fuel consumption of 5.4 litres per 100 km. This vehicle is available in both short and long wheelbase options, where the L2 model can reach maximum speeds of 103 mph.


The most impressive part of the Fiat Talento is its storage and transportation capabilities. With a payload of up to 1249 kg and a load capacity of approximately 8.6m³, you are fully equipped to store and move a wide range of goods. If you’re running a busy courier service, you’ll no longer have to worry about fitting large boxes into the back of your vehicle, where the Talento van has you covered.

This van also gives you two key variations to choose from – the Talento Platform Cab and the Talento Crew Cab. The Crew Cab features six seats up front instead of the standard three, which is perfect for transporting a large crew to a client’s house or building site. If your priority is a roomy payload, then the Platform model cuts down on seating to maximise space in the back.

Inside the storage area, you can adapt the flooring to suit your transportation requirements. Customisation options include standard, heavy duty or non-slip floors, where these options can prioritise safety and stability during loading. If you’re transporting messy materials as part of your plastering or carpentry business, then this option to install a heavy duty foundation for your vehicle is vital.

The storage area consists of side panelling and wheel arch protection, to defend the van from heavy or volatile goods during transportation. The L1 version also includes an additional interior roof rack, perfect for securing electrical wiring or cleaning equipment for the duration of your journey.

Inside the cab space, several features are included to transform your van into an on-the-go office. A retractable tablet holder can secure your navigation and communication gadgets, so that you’ll always remain informed while on the road. A further option for a passenger seat that folds into a table can give you an office feel from your vehicle, perfect for adjusting invoices or double-checking technical information.

The Fiat Talento also priorities your safety with some innovative design features. A window protection grille secures your goods and helps you to maintain a clear view of the road. Trailer stability assist is an excellent feature if you need to attach an additional transportation unit to your vehicle, whilst stability controls and rain sensors keep you safe in difficult weather conditions. All of these features help to make this vehicle a smart choice for a van life conversion project, where you can feel reassured that you’re protected while travelling long distances.

Pros & Cons


  • Fuel efficient engine, which is ideal for businesses on a budget
  • Plentiful and secure storage to keep your goods safe during transportation
  • Office adaptability features which will help to make your working life easier


  • The Crew Cab option forces you to compromise on payload if you do require more seating
  • Electric Fiat alternatives provide a better option if you’re concerned about the carbon footprint of your business
  • Some van options include more driving and safety features as standard for long distance comfort

The Verdict

So the Fiat Talento Van comes out on top in terms of fuel efficiency, storage and practicality. Its customisation options allow you to choose a model that suits your workplace needs, whether you prefer a higher payload, additional seating, or more cab office features.

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