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Five Things To Consider When Buying A New Van For Your Business

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May 29th, 2022

A significant investment, buying a new van for your business is a decision you’ll want to get right. Choosing a reliable, efficient and cost-effective van for your commercial fleet or business requires careful consideration to satisfy your clientele. Below, we run through five key considerations when buying a new van for your business.


Arguably the most important factor to consider when buying a new van for your business is the cost. Purchasing a new van outright, for instance, may have the potential to save you money in the long-run, but the initial expenditure is steep, whilst the value of your vehicle purchase will immediately depreciate from the moment you sign the contract.

Many business owners are now taking the finance route for the purchase of their vans, as this will allow for clear monthly budgeting, remove unexpected maintenance and servicing costs and provide your customers with an excellent, up-to-date fleet of vehicles to satisfy their demands. Better still, once the finance agreement comes to an end, you can easily trade in your existing fleet for a new one, updating and enhancing your fleet in the process.


As a commercial business running a fleet of vans, now more than ever, your vehicle’s emissions are a significant consideration to keep in mind when purchasing a new can for your business. As a commercial operator, your vehicle’s emission levels can play a major role in your bottom line, with road tax, insurance and even congestion charges and Low Emission Zones all impacting the cost of running your vehicle.

With further Low Emission Scheme’s likely to be introduced across most major UK cities in the future, considering your van’s emission levels, fuel consumption and efficiency, has never been more important.


When sourcing the appropriate van for your business, it’s essential you have a clear understanding of the exact requirements you need to ensure you are selecting the van with the appropriate specifications and configuration for your business. After all, buying the largest van you can find may seem like the ideal solution; in the belief that more load space equals more opportunity for your business, but the initial costs will be steep and you could find yourself paying a premium for a space and weight capacity you aren’t even using. Equally, you may find a stylish van at an affordable price, but if the load capacity is smaller than required, cutting costs here won’t solve your issues with size.


Let’s not beat around the bush; style matters. The aesthetic quality of your new van is extremely important, both to you, and to your current or potential customers. A stylish, up-to-date van for your business will provide your potential clients with a clear indication that you are serious as a business and are more than capable of carrying out the task required.


As a business owner, it’s important you understand the difference between vehicle insurance, a legal requirement in the UK, and business-specific insurance, which are additional extras designed specifically to protect your business vehicle fleet. Additional coverage will typically include goods in transit insurance, to protect your tools and assets in your vehicle, as well as breakdown cover, replacement vehicle insurance and even dashcam installation for additional safety.

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