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Ford E-Transit Electric Dropside Review

December 14th, 2022

The Ford E-Transit Dropside at a glance

The hotly-anticipated Ford E-Transit has once again exceeded expectations in its dropside variant. Ford have manufactured a high-quality van that has doesn’t compromise any performance in what is an effective and thoughtful electric transfer. It is a much cheaper option than many of its e-van rivals, and as an electric vehicle, saves further money through being significantly cheaper to run than a diesel van.

The quality of the E-Transit is found in the thoughtfulness of its transformation into an electric vehicle. Far from an electric rebadging the synonymous Transit, Ford have reworked the rear suspension and rear axle to best facilitate the electric motor, making it truly feel like an electric van from the ground up. Not only this, but they have made significant structural safety innovations to help protect both you and the vehicle’s motor.

As well as a Dropside, the E-Transit is available in a number of different variants, as a panel van (with a range of wheelbase lengths), a luton and a tipper. This makes the Ford an incredibly adaptable vehicle for a range of commercial contexts.

Engines and Spec

The E-Transit features a 400-volt battery with 68 kWh of usable battery and its OEM drivetrain gives it a quiet, composed feel behind the wheel. The E-Transit even has a certain power when needed, available with as much as 198kW of power, equivalent to 269hp. There is detuned 135kW (184hp) version available, but the 198kW power output is a good choice for a Dropside variant which will need to comfortably carry larger loads.

On a full charge, the E-Transit’s battery has a 196 mile range, but this will depend on the driving style and speed in which you’re travelling. The battery takes 8 hours to charge, but also has 115kW fast charging capabilities which can get up to 80% in 34 minutes. The battery can be constantly recharged whilst you drive also, with Ford’s regenerative braking system which recovers energy when you lift your foot off the accelerator.

The reworked rear suspension features independent coil springs which smoothens out bumps on the road and this makes the E-Transit feels incredibly nimble around corners, something very impressive for a large van.


The diesel version of the Ford Transit was highly-regarded for its interior, and the E-Transit delivers a similarly comfortability. A futuristic driving experience derives from a 12-inch central touchscreen, fitted with a Sync 4 infotainment system that is easy to navigate and has excellent integration with smartphones and tablets.

The displays around the cab clearly demonstrate how the battery’s energy is being employed, most clearly in the replacement of a traditional rev counter with apower-use indicator. For those confused by the brake-regeneration system, this process is made very understandable and it can help curate your own economical driving style.

More cab space is created by the lack of a gearlever and traditional handbrake, both of which have been replaced by a subtle rotary dial placed below the steering wheel, which controls the E-van’s transmission. All of the above compounds a quiet cabin and a smooth driving experience, all with very little wind noise

Pros & Cons


  • Build quality

  • Powerful electric motor

  • Excellent driving range


  • Still expensive outright, even when cheaper than its rivals

  • Not suitable for towing

The Verdict

The Ford E-Transit Dropside is an electric van that doesn’t lose any of the diesel’s performance in its conversion. Rather than seeing the electric transformation as a crutch, Ford have used the need to move the electric motor as an opportunity to refine the build quality and improve the driving experience. The rear suspension is close to masterful and will pay dividends for Dropside variants who will frequently need to stably carry large loads.

The E-Transit is composed and quiet when driving, but powerful – in a helpful way – when you need it most, and has a very good driving range with a useful quick charging function. The UK is yet to have the full infrastructure for electric vehicle charging, which can create issues in terms of the cost and availability of charging, but these are issues out of the Ford or the E-Transit’s control.

Winning Whatcar’s Van Of The Year Award, the E-Transit Dropside variant will function with prowess in a variety of commercial contexts and will be a supremely comfortable experience to drive in the process.

If you’re interested in the Ford E-Transit Dropside, it is available from Van Sales UK at £449 + VAT per month, as are an extensive range of of new, used, and electric vans.

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