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Ford e-Transit Electric Luton Review

January 5th, 2023

The Ford e-Transit Luton at a glance

As far as vans go, Ford holds the crown for the best selling van with the Transit, so it comes as no surprise that the Ford e-Transit is also one of the best electric vans on the market. Now available in a Luton body type, which is made by the trusted third party conversion company Ingimex, the Ford e-Transit Luton is the more environmentally conscious alternative to the most popular Luton van of them all.

With a high-back loading area that’s ideal for large cargo yet a light weight that makes it convenient to drive, the new Ford e-Transit Luton is perfect for those who often transport or deliver heavy goods, especially in urban areas with clean air zones – where (with a standard diesel van) a congestion charge would need to be paid.

The most recent facelift of the e-Transit, including the e-Transit Luton, make it a stylish van both on the inside and outside, with innovative technological features,  modern style and maximised loading potential.

Engines and Spec

Like all engines in the e-Transit range, the e-Transit Luton features a fully electric engine that produces zero tailgate emissions when driving, making it perfect for those who drive in busy urban areas and don’t want to further pollute the atmosphere – this also makes you exempt from having to pay any congestion charges that would otherwise need to be paid when driving the combustion alternative.

The 68kWh battery can be charged either using a DC fast charger (with 80% charge achievable in 34 minutes) or standard AC wall charging (with full charge achievable in 8 hours). On a full charge, the e-Transit Luton has a maximum driving range of 196 miles, which is sufficiently higher than comparable electric vans on the market. Ford themselves have also done rigorous testing to establish a dependable driving range of 100 miles, which takes into account weather conditions, payload and age, showcasing this van’s capability and reliability with average use.

As for the loading space, the Ingimex Luton body for the e-Transit has an internal length of 3736mm, internal width of 1987 and internal height of 2120mm, offering plenty of loading space for large and bulky cargo, and there is a generous payload capacity of 1,016kg, making it ideal for carrying heavy goods.

There is also an integrated 360° spotlight that illuminates both the full interior of the van and the exterior loading area, making it easy and convenient to safely load or unload at any time of day, regardless of lighting conditions and visibility.


The e-Transit Luton benefits from the same interior style and features as the rest of the e-Transit range. With a clear and generous 12” touchscreen infotainment system, the Ford e-Transit range is well advanced in terms of modern vehicle connectivity features.

From the driver’s seat, the instrument cluster appears clear and illuminated, displaying a power use indicator in place of a rev counter, which allows the driver to see when their battery is regenerating energy each time they break as a way of allowing for smarter, more efficient driving.

In terms of the interior of the Luton body, unique to Ingimex, there is a four tier load restraint system that the e-Transit Luton benefits from, which comprises aluminium lashing racks and soft rubber inserts to keep all cargo safe and secure when loaded in the van. Structurally, the sides and bulkhead are constructed from a gel coated plywood (known as GRP) for maximum durability, whilst boasting a sleek finish.

Pros & Cons


  • Large driving range, higher than that of rival electric vans
  • Competitive loading space and payload to transport heavy cargo
  • Electric motor makes it quiet and comfortable to drive, as well as environmentally friendly


  • Typical charging restraints associated with electric vehicles
  • Ease of access may be limited since it is no a low loader Luton design, although there is a footstep to counteract this
  • Expensive to buy outright, however finance options are available

The Verdict

If you’re in the market for a reliable and environmentally friendly van that can transport regular heavy loads from A to B, then the Ford e-Transit Luton is the van for you. Ideal for home or office removals in urban areas, this van will keep your cargo safe and secure, whilst being a comfortable and innovative pleasure to drive.

Reaping all the benefits this van has to offer doesn’t have to result in a large all-in-one expense by buying it outright – instead, consider the financing options available at Van Sales UK.

We stock the all new Ford e-Transit Luton in all colours, available for both finance lease or contract hire (starting at £499 plus VAT), complete with 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee and 1 year manufacturer’s breakdown cover. As well as the Ford e-Transit range, we stock a number of new and used electric vans, all offered with free mainland UK delivery.

Get in touch with us today to find your perfect van and enquire about the finance options we provide.


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