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Ford E-Transit Luton vs Man eTGE Luton

February 2nd, 2023

There is no question that the modern world must adapt to the new age of carbon-free technology. The climate crisis is knocking at our doorstep and many of the world’s brightest minds are working tirelessly to find solutions.

It is no secret though that many of the new electric models of van compete very closely with each other so how do you choose between them? Of course, this all comes down to personal preference but there are a few major things which you should consider. The range is of course a key area and one which electric car manufacturers are desperately trying to improve. Then there’s the economic aspect as well as speed and payload.

Choosing between electric vehicles in 2023 is no easy choice. Gone are the days when an electric car was a pipe dream. They are now very real and in fact, they’re good enough to challenge diesel vehicles seriously. As a new van owner, it is then imperative that you weigh up all the electric vehicles on offer and make an informed decision on which vehicle is best for you. So, keep reading this blog to find out which is better: the Ford E-Transit Luton or Man eTGE Luton.

Engines and Spec

Electric motors in 2023 are extremely capable and the technology has improved dramatically since these vehicles first started hitting the streets. Nowadays they can power a vehicle to incredibly impressive speeds for an extremely long time. The fantastic thing about electric motors is how instantly drivers can feel the power of the vehicle. Electric motors produce almost instant torque so when drivers put their foot down they get 100% of the power pretty much straight away.

The Ford E-Transit Luton features a 68kWh battery that can be charged with a DC fast charger. In fact, this fast charger will boost the battery up to 80% in under 35 minutes! Of course, you can still charge the vehicle using standard mains power but this will take a little longer. One of the great strengths of the Ford E-Transit Luton is its brilliant range for battery-powered vehicles. The range is so good actually that it will handle 196 miles on a charge which is a far cry better than many other electric vans on the market.

As for the Man eTGE, it produces slightly less range than the Transit although it does perform better in some other metrics. It will manage 71 miles on one charge which while not quite as good as the Transit is still an extremely impressive figure for a large payload electric vehicle.


In terms of the interior, both of these vehicles are extremely comfortable and certainly won’t disappoint you. As you might expect with a pair of brand-new electric vehicles there is plenty in the way of space and you can find storage in almost every possible place. What’s more, the visibility is brilliant in both vans with little in the way of blind spots or uncomfortable seating positions.

The Transit features a large 12” inch touchscreen in the dashboard which of course can be used to play music from your phone or act as a navigation system on those long journeys. The instrument cluster in the Transit is also extremely clear and allows the driver to see the range of the batteries at all times. So, you can plan your route according to the power you have and any charges you can make along the way.

With the Man, you will get an extremely similar set of technology and visibility in its cabin too. So, in terms of interior, there really is little to split the two.

The Verdict

Clearly, the running costs of both of these vehicles will be exactly the same. The beauty of these new generation large payload electric vans is that (unlike their diesel counterparts) they are almost completely free to run. Up until 2025, you won’t need to pay any road tax on your van at all. What’s more, low-emission zones such as ULEZ in London and the Clean Air Zone in Bristol will also be completely free of charge. So, the running costs of these vehicles will be extremely good value.

Finance options for the Man eTGE Luton do start at a slightly lower base level so this could be a factor for your business. Aside from that the two vans really have very little to split them. So, you may want to call us up here at Van Sales UK to talk you through your options in a little more detail.

Here at Van Sales UK, we have many years of experience in the industry and know how to find the right van for you. Our staff are both friendly and knowledgeable so don’t hesitate to contact us today!


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