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Ford e-Transit Electric Tipper Review

December 6th, 2022

The Ford e-Transit Tipper at a glance

If you are well-versed on vans, then you will know of the pedestal that the Ford Transit range sits upon. Being well-established in the van market since 1965, Ford Transit vans have earned themselves a stellar reputation, and just like their diesel counterpart, the Ford e-Transit Tipper does not disappoint.

Whilst many electric conversions of standard combustion vans show a distinct difference in performance, the e-Transit, however, keeps up with the capabilities of the equivalent diesel model.

With many body variants available, including panel, luton and dropside vans, this review will focus specifically on the tipper body type. The Ford e-Transit Tipper is available in two lengths (L3 and L4) with impressive payloads and a gross vehicle mass (GVM) between 3.5 and 4.25 tonnes, providing you with great power if it’s needed.

Though expensive to buy outright, the Ford e-Transit Tipper is still cheaper than rival eclectic tipper vans, an added benefit considering that it also outperforms them.

Engines and Spec

Though it runs on a fully electric 68kW battery, the e-Transit tipper has an exceptional range of 196 miles per full charge, which is considerably high in comparison to what other electric vans on the market can manage.

Charging type is not compromised to achieve this performance, either, with the e-Transit Tipper charging in as little as 34 minutes when connected to 115kW DC fast charger. With a standard AC wallbox charger, as most people will have installed to charge their electric vehicle(s) at home, the e-Transit Tipper will take 8 hours to fully charge from no power. This beats competitor e-vans by one to a few hours (enough to make all the difference), which highlights how efficient it really is.

Practicality is also not lost with this van, with a maximum payload (including the float, but excluding the driver) between 942-1,001kg. As for your load space within the tipper float, there is a generous 2038mm by 3645mm for the L3 length and a slightly larger 2038mm by 4235mm for the L4 length.

To cater handling to all driving conditions and terrains, that many tipper vans navigate, the e-Transit Tipper has four selectable drive modes – normal, slippery, low and eco (the latter of which assesses driving behaviour and this impact on power usage, offering ways you can drive more efficiently).


With modern style and connectivity features, the e-Transit Tipper comes complete with a SYNC 4 12” touchscreen infotainment display, offering wireless smartphone connection and Emergency Assistance.

There are a number of small yet convenient features that set this van apart from the competition, such as a keyless start and electric parking brake, as well as a heated windscreen that quickly clears any condensation – a handy feature for many tipper drivers, whose jobs often require them to be up early in the morning when the air is cold and moist.

In the cockpit, the instrument cluster is large and clear, with the fuel gauge instead showing battery level, so you can always keep an eye on how much power and range you have left when driving.

From the rotary gear stick to the placement of the cupholders/storage bins near the steering wheel, the cabin area is spacious and ergonomically designed, allowing for a comfortable and intuitive drive.

Pros & Cons


  • Very impressive maximum driving range of 196 miles per charge.

  • Cheaper than rival models whilst performing better.

  • Plenty of load space and payload in tipper float.

  • Environmentally friendly due to zero emissions.


  • Demand likely to exceed supply

  • Though cheaper than rivals, still expensive to buy outright.

The Verdict

If you are a construction worker or independent contractor who regularly transports and tips large payloads, then the Ford e-Transit Tipper makes the ideal choice of van for you, excelling the capabilities, features and performance of rival models.

With great technological advancements for extra convenience and comfort when driving, the Ford e-Transit Tipper offers equivalent performance to the diesel variant whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re in the market for a Ford e-Transit Tipper, visit Van Sales UK and view our whole range of Ford e-Transit Vans. Offering free delivery nationwide, we welcome part exchange and offer competitive finance rates, finding the perfect leasing options for you.

If you’d like to enquire about the Ford e-Transit Tipper, get in touch with us today and a member of our team will be happy to help.


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