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Ford E-Transit Tipper vs MAN eTGE Tipper

April 6th, 2023

The electric era of vehicles is now firmly among us. The days of diesel and petrol engines are slowly fading away and in their place, we now have a modern carbon-free option that holds some of the secrets to solving the climate emergency. There is no question that a climate disaster is among us. Animals are going extinct at an alarming rate and natural disasters are now commonplace in the news of today. So, how do we solve this? Well, in short, the world needs to change how it functions drastically. From powering our homes to getting from A to B. We need to cut down our carbon emissions. Naturally, cars are one of the main issues and transferring to electric power is a great option.

At first, these electric cars were little but a party piece. The first Tesla’s like the Roadstar, for example, were great-looking cars but offered little in the way of genuine practical value. The road to reliable and, perhaps more importantly, affordable electric vehicles has been a long and expensive one, but now it seems we have turned a corner. Nowadays, electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes are a popular sight on our roads and even vans are now turning to this new form of power.

Ford are, of course, a giant of the automotive industry. Their cars have pushed the boundaries of what is possible for many years and it was only a matter of time before they tried their hand at electric power. When they did make the move to this new form of vehicle, they shocked the world with just how reliable and efficient they were. The E-Transit Tipper is one of these models that has very much impressed the van industry, which is why they are one of the most popular electric vans on the market.

Man is, in comparison to ford, a fairly new brand in the van world. Though their eTGE has impressed the industry a huge amount. This is why they have now become a genuine competitor to Ford and many other huge brands in the van industry. So, which is better for you, the Ford E-Transit Tipper or the MAN eTGE Tipper? Check out this blog to find out!

Engines and Spec

As you are already aware, both of these vans run completely on electric power and use an electric motor to generate drive in the wheels. Vans are, of course, incredibly heavy vehicles which require a significant amount of power to drive. The main force in play when it comes to vans is torque. This is the force that gets the wheels moving and allows the van to move forward, even if it has a full load in its cargo area. This reliance on torque is why electric motors are so well suited to vans as they produce an incredible amount of torque.

The E-Transit has a real strength when it comes to power and will certainly have enough under the bonnet to get you to and from the site with a heavy load. In fact, the van comes with either 184 hp or 269 hp. These figures by electric van standards are incredibly impressive and will certainly stand you in good stead for the future.

As for the Man, this van’s strength lies in its economic capabilities and its range. With a tipper van, it is very unlikely that you will be travelling long distances. Instead, you will probably be driving to and from sight to unload and load large, heavy cargo. With this in mind, the Man’s 71-mile range will be more than enough for you and your team.


As you might expect with two modern electric vans, the interiors of these vehicles really are incredibly impressive. They both have a myriad of storage options, with secure storage available as well, so you can rest assured that your valuable items are safe. What’s more, the driving position of both vehicles is impeccable, with little in the way of blind spots. You will also benefit from a vast amount of state-of-the-art technology and other driving features.

The Verdict

Of course, both of these vans will truly excel when it comes to running costs. In terms of payments such as congestion charges, low emission zones and road tax, you won’t have to pay a penny and charging them will cost next to nothing as well! Both of these vans also have brilliant reliability statistics and a great reputation. So which do you choose, the Ford E-Transit Tipper or the MAN eTGE Tipper? Well, essentially, that will come down to whether you find power or economic value more important. Don’t worry though, either of these vans will be a great option for you, so you certainly won’t regret your choice! Make sure you get in touch with us today and we can provide you with your brand-new van!


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