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Ford E-Transit Tipper vs Renault Master Z.E. Tipper

April 6th, 2023

There is no question that the western world is dominated by cars. They are our prime source of transportation and most of the population relies on them almost every day. While the benefits of cars and vans are pretty self-explanatory there is a dark side to this mode of transportation. The evidence is now unavoidable that cars are a major source of climate change in the world and to stop the rise in temperatures we must cut down our use of fossil fuels. Though, in recent years, a solution has presented itself and that solution is, of course, electric power.

Electric cars are now increasingly popular in the UK. In fact, there are now just over 693,000 electric vehicles registered here which dwarfs the 30,000 figure recorded in 2016. The increase is verging on staggering and this trend follows the same path when you turn your attention to electric vans. In 2020 there were roughly 5,000 electric cars registered in the UK and now in 2023 there are over 36,000. So, electric vehicles are capable and popular which has created a new issue. There are now so many options for electric vans that buyers are finding it difficult to choose.

There are two vans in particular that many people in the van market are struggling to choose between. The Ford E-Transit Tipper and Renault Master Z.E. Tipper. Both of these vans are built by reliable well-known household names which have reputations for quality, reliability and capability and the fact is that the two vans have very similar characteristics. So, the question is which one is the better choice? Well, if we’re honest there isn’t exactly a straight answer to that as both these vans have slightly different selling points. So, the real question is which is right for you, the Ford E-Transit Tipper or the Renault Master Z.E. Tipper?

Engines and Spec

As you might expect both of these vans have brilliant torque power thanks to their electric motors. Electric vehicles are well known for their incredible torque statistics and this is great news for a van owner. Torque is the force that allows a van to pull away while heavily loaded with cargo so it is vital that your vehicle has good statistics when it comes to this. You’ll be grateful to hear then that both these vans have brilliant statistics when it comes to torque.

As for the Ford E-Transit in particular, this van’s real strength lies in its horsepower statistics. The van comes with two options with 269 hp and 184 hp respectively, which for a tipper van is more than enough.

Turning our attention to the Master Z.E., this van has brilliant range statistics and certainly has the capabilities to get you from A to B in comfort. The van can comfortably drive for 124 miles without needing to be re-charged.


As you might expect from two state-of-the-art vans both of these vehicles have impeccable interiors. One of the most important aspects of a modern van is its storage capabilities and both of these vans thrive on this front. They both have generous amounts of open storage lockers so you can have somewhere to put your less valuable items and they also come with secure storage for some of your more expensive equipment and technology.

Both of these vans also have brilliant driving positions with little in the way of blind spots which is a great aid for those drivers that often have to complete large milage. What’s more, you’ll also find brilliant safety features such as parking sensors and multiple airbag units.

Of course, whether you like a particular interior will usually come down to taste so make sure that you spend some time looking through some photos of each of these vans. While they do look fairly similar there are a few differences.

The Verdict

As you might well expect both of these vans score very highly when it comes to value for money and running costs. Payments such as congestion charges, low emission zones and road tax will all be completely free with an electric van and the electric costs to charge them will also be extremely minimal. So, all in all, an electric van is a great choice for your next tipper van and either of these vans will be a brilliant option. They both have their own selling points and you will need to think about which is more important to you. If you prefer a van with power then you will want to choose the Ford E-Transit Tipper though if you prefer a van with great range then the Renault Master Z.E. Tipper is the right choice.

Whichever van you choose make sure you contact us today. We have many years of experience in the industry and can certainly help you to find the right van for you.


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