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Ford Fiesta Van Review

June 1st, 2023

The Ford Fiesta At A Glance

Looking for a smaller van with all the perks of a tradesperson’s vehicle, and the easy navigation of a city car? The Fiesta van is compact and convenient, modelled on the well known Ford Fiesta car. Though maintaining a rather specific and limited appeal, it not only looks similar to a car, but also drives like one too. Coming well-equipped and with storage room as an alternative to additional seats, this classy vehicle is available with a number of driving aids and handy tech to boot – great for new van drivers.

Since August 2020, the Ford Fiesta van has been available with petrol engines exclusively, which make this already unique model that little bit more niche as standard. Retaining a Surprisingly roomy and homely interior, with all you could need for those long, tiresome days on the road, the Fiesta van is ideal for those transporting parcels, or volumes of material which fit within the satisfactory payload capacity. The Fiesta van is more or less a Fiesta car in many ways, with the rear windows blanked out, and rear seats replaced with a flat, rubber-lined loading compartment. Featuring sports suspension to complement the overall sporty fittings and appearance, this van is certainly an acquired taste, and we’ll delve deeper into the details throughout the following paragraphs.

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Engines and Spec

A source of confusion when exploring car/van hybrids, we decided to take a look at the engine as a matter of urgency – and discovered that under the bonnet is a very powerful one litre petrol EcoBoost engine. Returning around 125ps, The Fiesta is capable of a respectable 56 miles per gallon too, which isn’t too shabby at all!

All Fiesta Vans come with an extensive list of standard equipment, including DAB radio, Bluetooth, automatic headlights, heated mirrors and remote locking. This is before even touching upon the extras of the Fiesta Sport – such as the sporty body kit (similar to that fitted on the ST-Line Fiesta passenger car), sports seats, air conditioning, heated windscreen, keyless start and alarm system. Take a look at our dedicated review for the Ford Fiesta Van – for additional details and specifics in relation to the engine and specifications!


Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets! The nifty mix of car and van means this vehicle is compatible with many tech options. Your phone can be connected through Apple Carplay or Android Auto, or you can use one of the two USB sockets to plug it straight in. One area that the Fiesta Van largely differentiates from its car counterpart is the loading bay. Although not as large as a standard van, it’s still surprisingly sizable for a smaller automobile. The opening is 1m wide and 60cm high, all in all making it a neat little loading bay, capable of carrying up to 500kg – phenomenal for a smaller vehicle. Need any more convincing? It’s also been nicely rubberised with matting and lashing points in all four corners.

The Fiesta van can ideally be used as your business headquarters on a sporty set of wheels, though perhaps not ideal if you need to transport an especially hefty load. Moving onto the cabin: the engine is keyless, so the driver can simply stash keys, put a foot on the clutch and press the button to get going. There are also two sets of controls: on the right you have the standard menu buttons just above the phone and voice controls for Ford’s Sync 3 system; on the left, there is a speed restrictor and cruise control settings, volume control and a mute button. Everything is conveniently at your fingertips.

Pros & Cons


  • Tech options aplenty
  • A sporty build and adaptable to city roads
  • Powerful engine and surprising specs


  • Storage is limited compared to a large van
  • Some may see this van as poor value
  • There are other Ford vans which arguably offer more

The Verdict

Although the Ford Fiesta Van is certainly not going to be ideal for every trade – builders, carpenters or plumbers that frequently have to transport incredibly bulky loads would struggle with this van – it’s a great option for traders who need to carry small yet heavy equipment (remember: it can hold up to half a ton!). Plus, if you’re someone that’s looking for something that doubles up as a car and a van, the Ford Fiesta is definitely the vehicle for you.

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