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Ford Ranger Pickup Review

April 28th, 2023

The Ford Ranger Pickup at a glance

The Ford Ranger Pickup combines practical driving capabilities with a stylish, aerodynamic body, where this vehicle will allow you to confidently transport your cargo in the best-looking model on the market.

Revamped for its latest 2022 release, the Ford Ranger has everything you need for efficient haulage – perfect for waste removal, storing your landscaping essentials or carrying out top-notch grounds clearance. Choose from a variety of different body lengths and colour options to make this van your own, where safety features are prioritised here by Ford’s world class engineering specialists.

Read on for an in-depth look at the Ranger’s driving specifications and interior features, which we will assess for how well they can meet your heavy lifting needs.

Engines and Spec

This rejuvenated edition of the Ranger Pickup is built around Ford’s one of a kind EcoBlue 2.0 litre diesel engine,  where three powertrains are also available to maximise this model’s driving performance. Its 10-speed automatic transmission is designed to boost your on-the-go experience as well as the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, where you’ll never be let down by Ford’s foolproof engineering.

Developed for drivers who desire to combine style with practicality, the new Ranger model is complete with a full-sized radiator grille, and brand new c-clamp daytime running lights. These make for an impressive and immediately recognisable van that will be the talk of the town once you hit the road.

Ford hasn’t skimped on customisation options either, where you can choose from a wide range of body colours, such as moondust silver, racer red and blue lightning. You can also decide between three cab options – regular, double or super. The regular cab prioritises haulage practicality with an extended load bed and a payload capacity of 1252 kg, designed to give you the maximum amount of cargo space possible for this model.


Ford has the world of work in mind with this vehicle’s cab design, where you can add an extra row of seats with the double or super cab models. This is perfect for transporting larger crews to your building or grounds clearance site.

The cab area is also tailor-made for driving comfort and safety, where the dashboard features a fully digital instrument cluster, designed to support the six driving modes added to the updated Ranger Pickup interior. With this techy addition, you can confidently drive across variable terrain to collect and offload your cargo.

This model also features a built-in touch screen, which provides you with comprehensive data on your driveline, steering angle and vehicle pitch, perfect for off-roading or adapting to a particularly heavy load of goods.

The Ford Ranger Pickup also has a specially engineered load bed designed to make your work easier. Clamps built into the tailgate provide a mobile workbench for positioning materials for sawing or sculpting. This unique feature is ideal for onsite woodwork or tree felling and removal. Plastic capping on the load bed edges also protects your vehicle from loading damage, where you can ensure that bulky scaffolding poles or building site debris doesn’t harm your interior.

Structural anchoring points in the loading area also allow you to attach a weather-resistant canopy, which can keep your cargo dry in all weathers. This is essential if you’re transporting sensitive plants or rolls of turf for your landscaping business.

This Ford vehicle also prioritises driving versatility, where its wading depth of 800mm means that your work day will not be halted by flooded roads or marshy terrain. Trailer sway control and enhanced active park assist also means that you can transport additional loads without worrying about the impact on your safety. This is especially useful if you’re using your trailer space to transport livestock or fragile construction materials.

Pros & Cons


  • Great selection of body lengths to suit your industry’s haulage needs
  • Purposeful loading bed designed to protect your interior from bulky cargo
  • Driving modes to provide safe off-roading and mixed terrain navigation


  • Less eco-friendly than electric vehicle alternatives, important if you’d like to prioritise the carbon footprint of your business
  • If you need more crew space in the cab you’ll have to compromise on loading space
  • Additional costs to purchase a cargo cover if you wish to weather-proof the loading bed

The Verdict

So the Ranger Pickup is a stylish and updated model complete with a reliable Ford engine and a range of exciting digital features to compliment your driving experience. Depending on your loading needs, this Pickup model may be perfect for your business, where the load bed is ideal for transporting waste, building materials and landscaping essentials.

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