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Ford Ranger Wildtrak Pickup Review

Ford Ranger Wildtrak Review
October 20th, 2022

The Ford Ranger at a glance

The Ford Ranger accounts for around 40% of the European pickup market, and for good reason. The pickup’s market share has derived partly from the vehicle’s visual magnitude – it has a profoundly imposing character on the road, helped immeasurably by powerful engine design, and lifestyle-focused interiors which make driving luxurious, whatever the surface.

This has been continued with verve by Ford, and the Ranger Wildtrak’s 2.0-litre model can come in either automatic or manual and can be fitted with a Double Cab, whilst also boating EcoBlue capabilities for diesel models, a feature which offers greater fuel efficiency and pulling power. Not only this, but carbon dioxide emissions and idle noise are reduced.

The Ranger has and will continue to be enjoyed by commercial users, and its ability to tow up to 3500kg and load around 1000kg in its bed will endear them further. But it is this ample space that means the vehicle can double as a family SUV and can simplify any domestic transportation task. All the while, the Ranger is a comfortable and smooth ride, whether you’re traversing mud tracks or motorways.

Engines and Spec

The power from Ford’s 2.0-litre engine is effective for on and off-road uses and can reach a brake horsepower around the 200 mark. Because of this, the vehicle’s fuel efficiency could be improved, slacking a little at 27mpg, but the engine’s drivability is a tonic to these woes.

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak accelerates impressively, more so than the Raptor (its supposedly sportier model), largely in part to its relative aerodynamic ease and lightness compared to the other versions. The 2.0-litre engine is powerful and smooth when encountering changes in speed, providing a luxurious intensity that matches the boldness of the vehicle’s grille and wheel arches.

The Ranger comes with four-wheel drive and has a locking rear differential as standard, ensuring the vehicle uses maximum torque in the most efficient and effective of ways. The way in which the Ranger manages its power epitomises Ford’s well-executed balancing act; the vehicle is both powerful and sensitive, luxurious yet robust, and its aggression in size and power is consistently tempered by the velvety smoothness of its style.


The Ranger’s interior enhances the vehicle’s luxury credentials, and it is impressive how well the feel of it coalesces with the muscular functionality of its scale, power, and durability. The interior doesn’t feel like a stapped-on box of sophistication – when driving, it really feels in tune and connected with the car as a whole.

The seats are comfortable and are in a high position with excellent lumbar support. The interior features smooth leather with orange stitching which visually pops out, adding a sportier quality to the Ranger’s cocoon of leisure. Useful features include an infotainment system with Bluetooth and a DAB radio, powered by Ford’s Sync 3 technology, as well as sat-nav, both of which come as standard with the Wildtrak.

Whilst the Ranger is obviously large, you might think parking could be a nightmare. But the interior has lots of helpful tools to make it a doddle, with illuminatory LED headlights, front and rear parking sensors, and a rear-view camera. Helpful too is the ergonomic steering wheel, making manoeuvrability intuitive, and the detailed yet incredibly clear dashboard.

Pros & Cons


  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Comfort


  • Fuel inefficient
  • Could be quicker
  • Needs a better turning circle at low speeds

The Verdict

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is an impressive pick-up which can make your commercial pursuits feel incredibly luxurious and smooth. The mix of comfort and durability feels like such a natural, intuitive combination – its robust off-roading capabilities and power don’t compromise the serenity of its ride.

Whilst it suffers from poor fuel efficiency, the Ranger makes up for this by being incredibly effective in the usage of its powerful engine, boasting a gentle ride even with its 2.0-litre diesel. Whatsmore, the spacious interiors give the Ford the flexibility and comfort of an SUV, having useful extras as standard which make driving the car a refined and easy experience.

It could be advisable to get the trim which has EcoBlue capabilities, which can increase fuel efficiency, and power, whilst even making the vehicle better for the environment. Such a trim can be found at Van Sales UK, dedicated van specialists who offer a simple and convenient service for new, used, and even electric vans. Call us at 0117 205 1446, email at, or contact us online to find out more.


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