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Ford Transit Connect & Double Cab Review

Ford Transit Connect & Double Cab Review - Van Sales UK
August 4th, 2023

The Ford Transit Connect & Double Cab at a glance

The Ford Transit is renowned for being one of the most reliable and best-performing vans there is on the market today. Well, for those of you who are after the reliability and high performance of the regular Transit but in a smaller van, then let us introduce you to the Ford Transit Connect & Double Cab (if you need a little extra room to fit more people).

The Ford Transit Connect & Double Cab both come with a 1.5 TDCi Ford EcoBlue diesel engine, with the regular Transit Connect being available in five different models, whilst the double cab is available in two different models, each with varying features. On top of that, despite being a smaller van, there is ample load space with easy access – both for cargo and people, making it a great van for tradespeople.

Read on below as we delve into the specifications of the Transit Connect & Double Cab, with reference to whom it may be best suited to depending on your profession.

Engines and Spec

As we mentioned, all the Transit Connect vans come with a 1.5L TDCi Ford EcoBlue diesel engine, with 100ps, though the Leader and Trend models also have the option for a 75ps engine, as well as a 1.0L Ford EcoBoost petrol 100ps engine. As for transmission, both the petrol and diesel options come with 6-speed manual transmission, whilst the diesel options also have 8-speed automatic available.

Moving on to loading space and payloads, the standard Transit Connect has a generous maximum permitted payload of 839-961kg, while the Double Cab has a max of 745-746kg. As for cargo volume, the regular Transit Connect offers 2.6m3 of space behind the bulkhead, whilst the Double Cab offers slightly less with 1.22m3 behind the bulkhead – of course, with the double cab you do also have a second seating bench offering space for up to three additional passengers.


Functionality is key to the Transit Connect, which is why you’ll find a versatile and easily-accessible loading space. Designed to be a hardworking commercial van, along with the rear doors there is a kerbside sliding door as standard on all models (other than the Leader, where this is an optional extra), whilst the Double Cab vans also feature dual sliding load doors as standard.

This is extremely convenient for small parcel couriers, who make multiple regular stops throughout the day and will need to access parcels quickly and easily.

As for the double cab, the dual load doors are great for easily getting your crew of up to five people in and out, still with space in the back for any tools, equipment or goods. These seats also fold flat, tumble forward or can even be removed completely if more space is required in the loading area.

This is especially useful for tradespeople such as builders, bricklayers or landscapers, where a team is often required to complete certain jobs for maximum efficiency, rather than one solo worker taking on sole responsibility.

For those who do work a solo trade, such as plumbers or carpenters, then this van also has the benefit of having the option for a load-through bulkhead, which can accommodate items up to 3m long, such as pipes or wooden planks.

Pros & Cons


  • Versatile loading space and seating space, ideal whether you work alone or in a team.
  • Modern and useful optional connectivity features.
  • A range of models to choose from based on specific working needs (e.g. SatNav for delivery drivers).


  • Certain desirable features are only available as standard in the more high-spec models.
  • Some rival small vans offer a higher payload.

The Verdict

From delivering goods to transporting a crew of builders, the Ford Transit Connect & Double Cab is a small yet versatile van. With flexible loading solutions, easy access and a modern interior that results in both a comfortable and convenient drive, this van really has left its mark in the small van market.

If you’d like to benefit from the qualities and conveniences that the Ford Transit Connect offers, without having to take out a small loan to be able to afford to buy it, then get in touch with us here at Vanaways. We offer the brand new for 2023 Ford Transit Connect Limited model (which includes a sliding kerbside door, rear parking sensors, heated front seats and DAB Radio with Bluetooth) for just £249 a month plus VAT.

If you’d like to discuss the finance options we can offer you, or to discuss the range of new vans we have available, then contact us today to make an enquiry.


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